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Ok, I had hurt myself having sex awhile back, but I’m starting to feel better, and I think I’m recovering and tyring to make it stronger and a bit longer. After injuring myself it got real thicker. I fluctuate from about 5.5 - 6.1” in length, and about 5” thickness all the time. I just want to be at about 7” length, and I’ll be happy. I just ordered sum L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Tyrosine, and Pyncogenol all natural supplements. Sometimes I cannot keep a full erection, but I always masterbate a lot. I just got back into the feeling of wanting to have sex after a depression so I’m going to stop masterbating so I’m not always so sore or not able to keep it erect..

Can anyone guide me through the process of jelqing, edging, and etc? I’ve read most of the threads, but am still just a little confused.. Should I try kegel excercises as well? Thanks.

And one more thing, I got a little extra money right now from work, so is there anything I should be investing my money in that I’m not aware of? Please only give me something you’ve used that is safe, I am not talking medication either. I don’t want to buy something, use it, than get ED. Thats a no no. Just let me know, what mechanisms are safe and easy. I’m alittle skeptical on hanging weights, I feel I could hurt myself, but under the right guidelines I’d maybe try it, I’m just looking to gain 1 inch or so in length.

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And no I am not a troll, I am going to become active here.

Welcome. No one is suggesting you are a troll, why do you believe that?

The best routine to start with is one of those you can find in links in my signature. You can also give a read here:

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

there is everything you need to start your PE career.

About your erections issue, a good living style (you know, working out, don’t drink too much, sleep enough…) could help. Depression and anti-depressants are bad for your penis, also.

Good luck.

Never taken an anti-depresseant, I’m real young as well. I just a lot of bs in my life, and A LOT of anxiety and paranoia which has hurt my sex life, but I’m feeling a lot better. I was drinking a lot, and smoking a lot of marijuana, but now I’m stopping to live better. I’ve alwayss ate healthy as well. But thanks I’m going to read that. Any has anyone had any good experience with L-Arginine for stronger erections? As for the stretching, what do I do? Do I take my finger at the head of the penis and stretch as far as I can without pain, for 10 30 second intervals, and should it be flaccid or erect?

I think I understand the concept of the jelq.

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and 122 more threads with L-Arginine in the title. :)

About your other questions, like the correct technique etc.., it’s all written in the links I posted.

And no, you don’t need to spend any money.

How come those threads were not in english?

Which threads? Maybe just the one on arginine? Try this: L-Arginine and Ginseng

There are many about, however. Try using the search engine, the button on the top of this very same page.

Thanks, it must of been the thread, you guys are good help. But one question about the stretching I looked at the video, but should it be flaccid or erect? Can someone answer that and ill do the rest on my own, would be appreciated, want to start tonight.

Stretches are alway done flaccid. To stretch, you apply your index and thumb right under the glans with an ok grip. Then pull, but not with too much force - here is an excellent eplanation

firegoat - Length Gains

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Where is the glans at =\

Alright, I agree.

Can you warm up inside the shower, and than do stretching and jelqs in the shower? Using the hose to keep you warm the entire time?


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