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I kinda new at this and I just posted a thread on doing stretches in the shower. I really do think it helps to do your stretches in the shower. I think a gain a lot more than me doing my usual routine before that.

Originally Posted by WindyMan19
Can you warm up inside the shower, and than do stretching and jelqs in the shower? Using the hose to keep you warm the entire time?

Do you pay for the water? If not then get ready to explain a huge ass water bill to the person that does pay.

Have you thought about how long the hot water will hold out to do stretching and jelqs or will you be OK with cold?

I just started so I’ve been going kind of easy, I don’t want to over due it in the first 2-3 days. And no the water is included.

How could I control my the erect of my penis? Anyone? Pls help me.. :D


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