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Beginner routine with an extender

Beginner routine with an extender

I did the JP’s routine for 90 days but people said I over trained because I used the bathmate. I would like to know if I can use an extender the same days I do the routine again ?

I have no idea what kind of work extending can do.

An extender will work the length. To increase thickness, you need manual exercises. If you overtrained, then it would be a good idea doing just the newbie routine and see what it gives. When you have a solid three months of consistent newbie routine, you can add the extender if you are dissatisfied with the outcome.

I see you are posting from France, so just in case you didn’t notice: we have a French forum too.

I prefer to work on length first but I doubt I will gain anything with this routine. I did this routine a year ago (just before I registered here) and it changed nothing except more erections.

For the french forum, to me it’s dead so I rather post here.

How long you did it? An extender will start giving measurable gains only after not less than about 500-100 hours total, so it will require many months.

I did it for 1 month and yes I know I should have done it for at least 3 months. And I don’t plan to cut the extender and/or the beginner routine after a few weeks, I’m really dedicated this time.

It’s just a shame that I’ll have to wait 3 months to use the extender (an X4 Labs)

I know. Take this as a chance to understand better the excercises; plus, if you do many things at once, how you will know which of them is giving gains? Manuals? Extender? Both? And if you don’t get gains, was that due to the extender? To the jelqs? Etc. etc.. Mines is just a personal advice of course.

I grasped the exercises diligently, I just don’t think that I will make gains with the routine and I may be frustrated after all this work. I read that people didn’t make gains with extenders either.. Thank you for the fast replies.

Well, then try wearing only the extender, add just a couple of short jelqing session per week to keep your EQ high; see what it gives.

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