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Beginner Questions

Beginner Questions

I’ve done PE off and on for a few years but never more than maybe a consistent week or two. I have now committed and am done through my second week and still looking for more answers. I have several questions so please take the time to answer what you can.

1) my routine consist of about a 15 minute hot shower and in the shower after I bathe I helicopter swing about 15 seconds then strength to the left and do 25 quick keagles I repeat helicopter swings and do 25 quick keagles stretching to the right repeat swings then 10 big stretching circles to the left repeat swing 10 big stretching circles to the right repeat swings and stretch penis directly out and do 10 keagles 4 second holds repeat swings and then play around shaking my penis out for a minute or so. I get out to dry off and immediately start to get my penis about 30 percent erected and begin the jelq I do 50 overhand strokes with a 3-4 second pace per stroke and then 15 v Jelqs with a 5 second stroke do 50 regular jelqs 3-4 second stroke and 15 v Jelqs 5 second stroke I then do 25 overhand and 25 regular grip with 3-4 second stroke and 20 v Jelqs with 5 second stroke. Keep in mind that I do jelq in different directions left, right, down, up, and also I will do slightly to left and slighty right I do about 8 different directions. The process takes 25 minutes give or take.

2) I have a problem masturbating. It’s not a sincere problem but almost everyday I will have to release. I do it as quickly as possible which I know is bad for EQ but would it be ok if I still masturbated 5-7 times a week but do it in 15-25 minutes rather than 3-5

3) other than jelqing what is the best way to produce good erection quality? I feel by jacking off in a short 3-5 minutes of time I hinder my erection quality because sometime my penis will only be 75-80% hard. Is there any stretches? Keagle routines for beginners?

4) Should I Jelq the day before sexual activity? Should I lesson my routine or just not do it at all?

5) is there anyway to increase cum loads? I know with my bad habit of masturbation I don’t let my body create and store enough but since I am changing my routine of masturbation or possibly cutting masturbation off to maybe once a week or whatever answer I get to my precious question is there anyway to increase cum load? I’m 18 and my first time of sexual active was a blow job at age 15 and I don’t want to be to vivid on here because I know this isn’t the site for that, but to say respectably I released a load so large it literally covered the face of my girlfriend. I kept shooting out spurts for 5-6 seconds and I continued this trait until about 4-5 months ago. I believe it may be due to my masturbation routines but I would like to know how to increase it.

6) when I jelq should my routine be 2 day on 1 day off or 5 days on and 2 days off? Which is more effective or what is a better routine to perform?

7) Any tips or pointers? I am a beginner and love to anyalyze everything I do and this has become part of my life therefore id love to know everything I can about it. Thanks for the help!


1. Ok
2. Short and rigid masturbation will toughen your dick(death grip lol) if you dont use lube and go easy.
Worst is you trainyourself to come as fast in normal intercourse which will be hard to detrain
Longer masturbation is edging. Its actually said to be beneficial. Try cumming every other day mate. Its good for many reasons.
Some report no masturbation helps gains.
3. Just stop the fast masturbation. It will do you only harm. Look up reverse kegels to relax your pelvic floor .then kegel holds 1 se3c ,3 sec, 5 sec, maxium hold. Check when you fatigue. At the very best yo utrain yourself to be able to stop cumming.
4. Depends if you can get it up next day. stretches often have bigger impact on EQ then jelqs.
5. Just stop draining yourself. you will get blind, deaf and your brain will be devoid of white matter.
6. You have to check how you feel. Its diffeent for everyone. 2-1 is OK for the start. check this thread for deeper info into the matter: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
7. Stay consistent and observe/ note your PI ‘s , measurements , espacially BPFSL. Adjust and tune into your dick how it feels etc.

If you are an analyzer and thinker you might think about getting more aware of your body ;) (out of your head). The mixing and balance of thinking and doing/beeing is what works in PE(and elsewhere ;) )

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