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Beginner needing stretching advice

Beginner needing stretching advice

Hello there! I have been lurking on this forum since 2004 back in school and I read far more than actually performing the exercises.

My questions are, when I do the basic stretch after warming up, I pull from just behind the penis head in an Ok grip, this stretches the penis out nicely but I don’t feel the stretch from the base, then I get confused as another stretch slightly more behind the glands gives me a stretch from the base but no stretch throughout. Which is the right one please? Or should I be doing both? Or am I a lost cause?

Thank you!

Friend, I am a rookie as well, although I’ve been reading thoroughly and people around here are always helping us newbies.

Through newbie routine, I understand that the main point to stretch your penis is in a way you feel comfortable.

It took me weeks to get a nice, firm grip on it simply because we never had this kind of interaction with One Eyed Willy before.

After a while you will notice it gets a lot more comfortable. Never stop reading around here. You will learn something every time.

June14: BPEL 6.5; MSEG 4.9; BEG 4.7. Jan15: BPEL 6.7; MSEG 5.3; BEG 4.9.

First Goal: 7 x 5

Bottom line, that’s the correct technique of the grip, the point is stretching the penis without harming it. OK grip or whatever you choose. Feels strange in the beginning, but that’s absolutely normal.

June14: BPEL 6.5; MSEG 4.9; BEG 4.7. Jan15: BPEL 6.7; MSEG 5.3; BEG 4.9.

First Goal: 7 x 5

Search for ‘Tricks stretching’, title only. There is a thread started by me that could be helpful at some regard.

Thanks for the fast replies!

Thank you! Goingthedistanc and Marinera!

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