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Beginner from East Europe

Beginner from East Europe

Hello guys!
I am a new beginner, who want to start his journey with PE. Before I start I want to ask you some questions.

>First of all- PE and uncircumcised penis. Can I do it like in the videos? If not, are there any special techniques for uncircumcised guys?

>Secondly- Can I do my whole exercising session only doing Dry Jelq? I have a big family and for now I would have some problems with privacy. I am thinking about quiet Dry Jelq sessions before sleep. What do you think about it?

>Thirdly- What if I, for example, have been doing PE for 1 year or 2, and haven’t got any progress? Is there any hope for me? Can I go for hanging, clamping etc. Then?

I hope I haven’t done many mistakes (I sometimes confound tenses). I say hello to you guys as my new brothers!

Welcome to Thunder’s man.

I’m uncircumcised and never had any problems with the popular exercises.

Always warm up before any kind of penis exercise, :up: .

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Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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Welcome to the club, pancamil! We’re glad you found us.

Dry jelqs can be pretty harsh on the skin and wet might be a better option for a newbie. Wet jelqs won’t be any less “quiet” or obvious than dry. If someone wonders why you have lotion by your bed, it’s for those darn rough, dry elbows and feet. ;)

In the (hopefully) unlikely event that you haven’t made any gains in a year or two you certainly should be conditioned enough to try other assisted techniques. Start with the newbie or linear newbie routine and see where it takes you .

Your English is quite readable. Certainly better than my Polish!
Good luck and stay in touch!

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