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BeforeAfter stretch

BeforeAfter stretch

Alright, I’ve read around a lot, and I know many people seem to recommend stretching BEFORE your jelqing session, but I’m curious as to why? Are there significant benefits? I actually find stretching much easier after jelqing, but that’s because I jelq while I’m in the shower and I imagine that acts as a great warmup and makes everything loose and such. Also I have less a tendency to get hard after jelqing, so my stretching seems to work better.

I’ve sort of started to stretch lightly beforehand, then jelq, and then stretch a little harder afterwards. Is this a bad idea?

Also, I’ve read a little on stealth PE and such and just getting a ‘tug’ in whenever you can. Does this mean that stretching does not require as much of a warm up/warm down or none at all? Is the warm up more for jelqing?

Thanks so much for any advice!

What you are doing sounds absolutely fine. Don’t overthink things; the key is to find a routine that works for your schedule and preferences, a routine that you can stick with. There are many unanswered questions in PE, and yours about the ordering of stretching and jelqing is one of them.

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Here’s why I like to stretch first:

I’m more likely to get an erection after jelqing and stretching an erect penis is not wise.

Stretching a penis with lube is difficult to get a good grip.

My flaccid actually shrinks if I jelq, then stretch; my flaccid hangs better with stretch and jelq.

Jelqing is good to get circulation back into the penis after a prolonged stretching session where the glans may be cold.

And, in my opinion, warming up is to prevent injury, and if you read up on this site, tugs seem like a bad idea to me. There are a lot of info on this site with cited information.

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