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before and after

before and after

does anyone have any before and after pics of their PE experiences?

5/1/04 Before: 6.75x4.75" started back up again. 2/1/06 7 4/16x5" 3/1/06 7 7/16x5"

Goal: 8.5x6"

focusing on length now with stretches, hanging, and jelqing

Check in the member pics section bro.

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Yes, I have some film showing drastic changes in my girth over the last year. I have been documenting my PE career from the beginning for my book. Unfortunately I started it on Hi Eight Film. I haven’t found a way to convert analogue to digital. I guess it would be possible to record from Hi Eight to VCR and from VCR to DVD then convert the file to an AVI format or perhaps use a Snappy to make seperate JPG clips. At this time it would be pretty expensive to do. I’m hoping prices will come down soon so I can post my before and after pics. If anyone knows a cheaper way to do this please let me know.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Its possible to get a company to convert but that might be embarrassing. Just digicam video the old footage being played?

Capture cards are fairly cheap if you still have your hi-8 cam. You can get them with s-video input.

An affordable and user friendly system is one offered by Pinnacle Systems. For less than a hundred bucks you can get a capture card, fire-wire breakout box with composite and S-video input, video/CD/DVD burning capability, and one of the easiest and most versatile editing programs around. The still image capture capability is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. “Studio 8” is the version you might like because it allows you to capture both analogue and digital video.
I’m sure if you go Ebay you can get it much cheaper than retail.


Cap is a classic idiot savant.


(why do I suddenly feel naked?)


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