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Before and after pics

Before and after pics

I only became aware of this site a couple of days ago and I am a first time poster. What a ton of information! I’ve been reading for hours everyday. While I am withholding my ‘believer’ status until I have tried PE for three months, I am completely convinced that this all makes scientific sense and I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying. I’ve shared this site with the wife and she is wondering if I can attain the same results so many of you have.

One of the things we have noticed and can’t seem to find is this: There are quite a few pics of ‘where I am at today’ that are very impressive but none of ‘here is what my penis looked like before I started.’ It seems just those two pics would be the greatest testimonial of all. Do they exist and I’ve missed them?

Welcome to Thunder’s.

Here is one of the best progress pics.

Do a search for Yguy, Gandolf, liltobig (there are others)… Also there is a guy called stillwantmore who has some jaw dropping inspirational pics… I’ve been a very slow gainer but then again I came here for my premature ejaculation problem and the gains I had in that area went well past what I expected…

BTW, it’s great to have you hear…


Hobby, thank you for the link to lil12big1’s pic. To see the progress month-by-month is very encouraging! And, thanks to regularwhiteguy for the member search. I was able to find them and see their stats and a few of their pics though it will take more time to find before-and-after pics because they are such prolific posters.

I’ll have to take a ‘before’ pic myself and hopefully be able to post a montage like lil12big1 did in three months.

Damn, I wish I had taken a before pic. I started PE because of my ED, not to get a bigger dick.

Very convincing, Hobby!!

Welcome to Thunder’s, VegasGuy!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



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