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This is a weird question..

When I drink on my sat nights, I noticed that after having like 10-15 beers and after pissing a whole lot, I last a very long time before ejaculating.

Is this because the pissing is doing something to the BC muscle making it less sensitive?

I know.It’s a weird question, but I’ll accept some weird answers.LOL


It’s not weird. The alcohol desensitizes you. After 15 beers, you are lucky if you can cum at all.

I think it has something to do with it being a CNS depressant.

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You are drinking too much.


Just have 2 and you will be rock hard and not come all day lol.

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yeh, alcohol for staying power

Long live alcohol! :D

15 beers is only like 9 cans of larger :) and should be plenty to keep the tiger at the doors.

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It is true that inebriation does make you last long. However, you may encounter many other problems like the beer goggle effect (meaning she looked a hell of alot better last night) or waking up with a terrible hang-over the next morning. You may consider other options such as learning to control when you ejaculate through kegeling or other self control techniques.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

You are drinking too much.

PG is a party pooper.

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Lets not forget beer shits people.

Formerly known as totem.

Is that how people are born? You learn something new every day.

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Originally Posted by Pank
Lets not forget beer shits people.

Beer do not shit people. People shit people.

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if you stay on that path, you’ll be obese in no time, and you won’t get any ass.

Stick to MR. Jack Daniels if you’re gonna drink.

He’ll be your best friend.

Mmmm…. scotch.

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