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Been at it for 10 months now


0.4 Inch lost in 2 months

I recently discovered PE about 3 months ago and have been lurking here ever since. I gave the the newbie routine a try for a couple of weeks with no success.
My progress so far:
BPFL: 3.0 in.
BPEL: 4.9 in.
BPSFL: 5.5 in.

BPFL: 3.0 in.
BPEL: 4.8 in.
BPSFL: 5.5 in.

BPEL: 4.5 in.
BPSFL: 5.0 in.

I didn’t have much to start with, I know; that’s why I came here to these forums.
My first month routine was 5 minutes warm wrap with hot water towel, three 30-second V-stretches in all directions, 15 minutes jelqing, 5 minutes warm wrap, 20 5-second kegel holds.
My second month routine, I changed it a little bit, thinking I was overworking myself: 5 minutes warm warp, 3-5 minutes SO, D, Up, L, R stretching, 80 jelqs, 5 minutes warm wrap, and 10 5-second kegel holds. I’ve been on and off with these schedules, going at most 3-4 days without PE.

I neglected my first 0.1 inch lost because I thought it would recover if I gave it some rest, but it never did, and I just continued with my routine anyway. Now two months later, I measured again; and to my horror, I found that I had lost 0.4 inches BPEL from when I started and 0.5 inches BPSFL lost. This was measured after 2-3 days without PE.
So I need your help. I did some searching on the forums and learned that jelqing 100% erect can result in loss as well, but I haven’t been doing jelqs on a high erection level. Usually 30-50%, 70% tops.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
PS: I’ve also noticed that my testicles shrivel up tight more often ever since my losses, if that’s any help.
Also, for the first month, I had occasional positive PIs, but for the second month, I’ve lost my morning wood and EQ.

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Have you noticed any kind of difference in girth?

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

October 20, 2009 NBPEL:5.5" EG:4.75" FL:4" BPFSL:6" FG:3.625"

No, I don’t measure girth, but it looks the same to me.

Its not going to disappear. So the possibilities are:

1) Over-training.
2) Not excited enough.
3) Erectile dysfunction.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

The possibility of over training is most likely.

I was definitely excited enough, and I can’t have an erectile dysfunction. I’m only 18.

I think I could be doing the jelqs and stretches wrong..

Should I give it a few days of rest or just ignore it and continue the routine?

Rest until your size returns. Meanwhile, learn to do stuff right.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

I just measured again today, and my EL is 4.7, which seems to be an improvement; but it isn’t as big as when I first started.

I’m going to take a few days off and see what happens.

Anxiety perhaps.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Was your method of measuring consistent?

Originally Posted by fourofakind
So the possibilities are:


1) Over-training.

Very likely.

Yet his routine, as he shows it to us, is fairly modest.

My guess would be too much force applied during the stretching and jelqing. It’s easy to do. You think you aren’t doing enough. Maybe it doesn’t hurt, and you think you can handle it but … truth is you have to be careful.

PE has a lot more in common with physical therapy than it does weight lifting or sports. It’s more like the careful, methodical stretching you do before a marathon, or after a workout. You have to think of it in terms of controlled applied force, rather than the overwhelming force model of ‘forcing’ something. You are directing and encouraging your body to respond in a certain direction; not forcing it. You aren’t at war with your body.

When it retreats that’s a sure sign that you are asking too much of it.

Originally Posted by fourofakind
Rest until your size returns. Meanwhile, learn to do stuff right.


Tricky to learn well if you don’t practice. PE is sort of “hands on,” so to speak.

But I agree with your point: the shrinkage sounds like ‘recoil.’ It’s best to leave it alone for a week or two and then see how you are.

With a caveat: you can, and should do your Kegels. A regimen of at least 50 non-erect Kegels daily will only help your recovery.

You should also consider a few nights of hot compresses with a rice-sock, or other sort of microwaveable moist heating pad. Your local CVS should have some sort of bead heating pad. Or you could get (or make) a flax seed pad. I hear those are good. The heat right before bed, as you fall asleep, will encourage nocturnal erections, which should also help you recover.

Assuming you do recover. When you next approach PE, make sure to warm up thoroughly and see if you can’t maintain that warmth through out the work out. This is key to preventing injury.

Read up on (or re-read) the PI’s Thread and learn to do stuff right. :leftie:

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Been at it for 10 months now

Hello Thunder members,
I discovered PE about 10 months ago and started right away with the newbie routine.
I followed the routine as close as I could. Warm up, stretch, jelq, kegel.
I used a wet towel to warm up, straight out stretching, 50-100 jelqs, and 50 kegels regularly.
As time progressed, I upped my jelq counts. After 3 months, I saw no results and just quit; in fact, I even lost some length. Discouraged, I decided to rest, but I never came back to it.

After about another 3 months, I restarted PE. I follow a slightly modified version of the newbie routine which goes as stated: no warm up, V-stretching in all directions, 20-40 minute jelqing (about 3-5 seconds each jelq), and kegel whenever it comes to mind to (an average of about 40-50 a day). I jelq putting pressure on the sides, and pausing whenever my erection hardens beyond jelqing state and resuming when the erection level is lower again. I’ve been following this schedule for about 4 months now. I don’t see any visible gains. Sometimes, I can see improved PQ, such as harder erections or feeling bigger, but I don’t have any concrete proof of gains. Now I think I’m back to where I was 10 months ago. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

In your first post you said you lost 0.5”; now you are just saying that you had no gains: it’s an improvement, right?

While I can’t say for certain, you may be doing to much. And remember something, this isn’t a sprint, not seeing gains in 3 months isn’t all that uncommon. Yes some guys get newbie gains and they are rapid, others don’t. You aren’t going to get immense growth overnight.

In my mind, warm up is extremely important as it prepares the tissues for stretching and jelqing by bringing more blood into the area to begin with. Not to mention making the outer tissue more pliable.

I’m quite sure that some of the guys will chime in here real soon.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Yes, I did lose 0.5”, but it recovered when I took a break. After the recovery, I haven’t made any gains.

I’m not planning on giving up again any time soon, I’m going to keep going.

I really loathe warming up with any kind of water, is there an alternative way of warming up? Besides rice in a sock, I can’t use my socks and I do PE at night when everyone else is asleep so using the microwave would wake everyone up.

I plan on continuing the 20-40 minute jelqs, since the previous 50-100 jelqs saw NO progress at all, and this longer jelqing exercise seems to be helping a little.

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I warm up prior to my routine so I’m not standing there for 15-20 minutes bored. For instance. I wake up, have my cup of coffee and read my newspaper while I have a hot wash cloth down there. I’m actually doing something while I warm up. Is this possible for you? The heat is so important not so much after but before your routine like sunshine pointed out. Just be creative. :)

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