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Becoming flacid while jelqing

Becoming flacid while jelqing

Hey guys, I am having trouble keeping my penis hard while jelqing I watch porn while I jelq even but still become somewhat limp.

Also I haven’t masturbated in about 4 days. Any help would be great.



Stress and fatigue might cause that problem. Besides, when you jelq too hard, you will probably lose your erection as well.
Here are some classic tips :
1. You could try warming up a little longer ( up to 10 minutes )
2. Touch the glans to maintain your erection
3. Keep watching porn :D
4. OH, eat a lot of chocolate also help.

Good luck with you!


7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

How hard are you when jelq? You are only supposed to be around 35 to 80 % hard. Never jelq completely erect. Concentrate on your exercises.

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Have you tried kegels? I do when I jelq to keep me at about 70%. When your at the bottom of your stroke (just before you slide up) do a kegel, then trap the blood with your hands and jelq. Kegel once for every stroke or as needed. Works well for me. Just my opinion, give it a try and get back to us.

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Thanks guys all this information is very helpful I will try it out soon.

Never mind if you get flaccid. It’s still a work out. As long as there is more blood moving in some fashion, it’s good.

Point being, it’s probably better to relax and don’t think about it. Don’t stress it :)

I dry jelq and must kegel every 2nd or 3rd stroke during the release to maintain the desired level. It also has the benefit of killing two birds with one stone, as I am doing both exercises at the same time. I never have the problem of going too flaccid using this technique, although it does sometimes have the opposite affect, which necessitates stopping to let the erection subside.

When you kegel during dry jelq do you hold it or just tense it up really fast because I can only really tense my kegels for about 1 second it weird.

Thanks again.


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As LilJ mentions , a thirty to eighty percent erection level is all you should have for safe jelqing , especially , if , as I might assume from your join date , you are not a very experienced . If you get a little softer

, just concentrate on the stretching aspect of the motion at the end of the stroke . I usually go through a whole cycle of different erection levels during the jelq portion of my workout , just go with the flow , if you are a little on the too hard side , focus on the manual clamping or bending aspect . It’s all good . And , like daboogies mentions , some good porn can go a long way , and , as a last , and most expensive resort , there are always our friends , Cialis , Viagra , and Levitra . Good luck to you . M.B.

I only have to momentarily flex to force some blood into the shaft. If I do it too often, I get too hard and have to stop.

I find kegeling helpful when doing to avoid getting flaccid.

Use your imagination :)

Having porn on helps me but the best help was when I started jelqing before stretching. For me it solved the problem of becoming limp when jelqing and hard when stretching. Kill two birds with one stone. Not sure if it’s any less effective tho.

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