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Be honest did anyone succeed

I did mostly the newbie routine for a long time and just did it a little longer and longer and in a couple of short years… there is no doubt that I have the penis of my dreams. Others take longer, others shorter even… but it works!

It’s only destroying your life because you are letting it destroy your life. Think about that.

I think that is the requisition of the society

All the modernization press you to be a perfect man

And press the girls to chose in perfect man

Hi abarbotel.

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info
is the PE101 reading list. You probably know that already. If English is hard for you concentrate on PE101. But remember, keep participating like in this thread Be honest did anyone succeed and your English will get better!

Penis Enlargement Videos Movies of all the exercises.

To small to jelq or stretch A very short thread, PE for smaller guys.

PE does work; but, “Gain 3”s in only 3 months!!!” is a lie. It takes a long time. And never get impatient and break your penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by abarbotel
I’m just 12 cm and I really depressed from that
It’s made my life like hell
And in any place I just hear how girls prefer big cock
I want to ask you guys if there is someone here who succeed to make big gain in girth and length
Something that change is life
And that is gain stay for permanent
Guys be honest please
Thank you

I know the exact feeling that you’re having right now, I HAD 13cm, not long. I was like fuck, this can’t go on like this! I started studying, started jelqing and after that I found this awesome website!
It has been almost six months when I first started, now I’m just over 16cm. PE really works, just believe!

My routines:

1st: 300 jelqs everyday(not weekends) <——— worked well :)

2nd: newbie routine, 2 days on 1 off. <——————- worked better :D

3rd: 30 stretchs, 2 days on 1 off. <—————————-works the best! :D DDDD xD! :D :D :D !

I really, really want you to succeed. Everyone deserves reward for their hard work, and you’ll get one!

Hey man you pm a few times. PE really works just commit yourself to gain not to lose Do not be skeptic I was using my fingers to jelq kind of umbrella style not long ago and on top of that I uncut but I have had great success now I can afford to take a break and rest or rather fuck all these chicks I have before I move into the new stage.

Blue eye, blonde latino

Originally Posted by abarbotel
Thanks guys
I try the newbie routine for an 5 month and no result
I buy before 5 days the Penimaster and I hope it will work
But my penis is very slim and I’m fear that when I put him on traction he will more slim
And I’m read from some people that the result is not permanent?
Can you tell about yours routine and some result
I must to enlarge my penis because it’s really destroy my life

If you did the Newbie routine for 5 months and no results, then you need a better understanding of it to succeed.

Some guys just jump in and do the Newbie routine and do great, but thats not everyone. Many guys have to really study, experiment and make close observations and track it to find what works for them.

Some, don’t get results and quit before they figure it you.

I suggest you read my thread linked at the bottom of this post, and read this short thread with the video:

Great Interview on Penis Size! MUST WATCH!

This one is for your headspace. Lesbians don’t have a dick at all and can sexually please a woman enough to keep her around. I suggest you relax a bit, because its hard to be successful in PE when you are desperate.

Then read this thread and master the techinque, and women will be lining up for your services;

Make her squirt, in response to the “freak” thread

Once you calm down a bit, you will have the time and head space to carefully study and apply the principles of PE. You can always come here and ask questions if you are having trouble.

The bottom line is that you don’t need a big penis to keep a woman sexually happy, but you do need some confidence keep them around you. Work on it!

Did anyone succeed?

I would prefer to say that I am “succeeding”, meaning that it is an ongoing process (growing).

I’ve only been doing it seriously for about 2 years but I am happy so far with what I have accomplished.

I’ve had success. I am still bigger now than when I started, even after 6 years of not doing PE. So, yes the gains are permanent - to a degree. Keep your chin up and re-read the newbie threads. There is also a bunch of good advise in this thread.

It works with dedication just like anything else. I went from 5x5 to 6.7x5.7. You may lose some length or girth when you stop. I did a few times when I stoped. Now I’m back to get to my goal of 7x6 and to join the 2 inch club. Good luck!

Started: 5.0bpelx5.0mseg.


It works. Read, learn, apply and grow.

Decemeber 2007: 5.8" BPEL x 4.9" MSEG

Current:-------->7.7" BPEL x 5.7" MSEG (7.2" NBPEL)

Current Goal:--->7.6" BPEL X 5.8" MSEG Do or do not, there is no "try".

abarbotel, Did I succeed, Yes and No. My penis increase almost ended my marriage. Sparky will tell you. In-fact I dare not PE any more cause I am one that will gain, and I will. PEing is so easy if you have the privacy and the time, but consistency it the key. I did the newbie and never left it, It is a great work out and if you do it right, you will see fast newbie gains, but when the gains start slowing, you have to figure out what works for you. The way I see it, the reason why most see quick gains with the newbie is because we shock our penis with the work outs, but we continue the same routine at the same time and all of a sudden, no more gains. It is because our units learned the routine. You have to shock it again with something a little more intense. you have to mix it up, just like body builders do. Like I said, the key is consistency. Here is a piece of my thread I have reached my goals. And I will tell you, I was worried about cementing, I think I cemented every day I PE’d. Just read my thread.

Post # 24 of my thread:

You guys, this is what I have been posting in one of my threads and I have been posting it for years. I am living proof and I no longer PE anymore and haven’t for years. I learned this by accident, I documented it here I have reached my goals.

Do your routine, but you have to take a break to let your unit repair itself. I believe to much can be to much and to much leads to stress. My girth was just under 5.0 and my EBPL was about 6.8, I can never remember the exact length but it was about in that area. My goal was to get to 5.5 EG and 7.5 EBPL.

With in a year, I surpassed my goal and reached 5.6 EG and my EBPL was at 7.5. I am currently at 6.2 EG and 8.4 EBPL. I haven’t PE’d in years, but I PE’d 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off and resumed my routine 6 weeks on and then 2 off. It worked and I saw fast gains, but I was consistent.

The way I see it was a small break and then coming back was like being a newbie again and getting the quick growth spurts. Guys here reach plateaus but continue the stress, but they are not listening to their dick. It is telling you that it is done and tired and it needs a break.

What if I had a business and I had all you guys working 14 hours a day for 7 days a week for 6 months. Somebody is going to get sick, exhausted and production is going to slow down because you all will not be 100%. Your focus will be off because exhaustion, then depression. Are you with me? Same with weight lifting.

I figured this out years ago and I have been posting this for years. Too many here want the over night bean stalk and it is not going happen unless you do this strategically. I came across this by accident and it was because of the red dots from clamping.

You all may get pissed at me but if you read the last page of the thread I am posting, comment that this is so easy to do, but you have to do it the right way. Is my way the right way? maybe not, but maybe so. It sure the hell worked for me and when it started gaining, it gained fast, so fast that it almost ruined my marriage because it became to large for my wife to handle in that short amount of time. I have it all documented in that thread.

Although I must say during those small breaks, I did do the piss pull everytime I urinated.

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Opps, I pulled this from another thread I posted to, but read my thread because I post this there as well in fact, I post it all over the place. Hard work always pays off with the situation, but PEing can be easy. PE in the shower. Pull on it in bed, that is what my wife did to me and she still does it out of habit.

Try to get vitamins or something.

Since I begun PE, I begun to eat royal jelly everyday.


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