BC - sensation of it's tension

How do You feel about it? ;-) Many newbies still ask about this and yet not all of them are sure about the answer. Everybody says that’s it’s the muscle that goes from your scrotum to your anus and that you have to “squeeze” it and that it pulls your penis inside the body. But which point of your penis should you take as a datum?

And what does it feel like for you? I analyzed all the images that westla inserted to his great article and I have noticed that the BC muscle ends in front: in the upper part with the ligament (and by that with pubic bone), in the down part with the “beginning” of the scrotum. So which one should be The Place of our interest? I have noticed that control over my ejaculation depends on which part of the muscle I concentrate. What are your experiences about it? Is there any simple answer?