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BC muscle

BC muscle

Greetings my fellow penis enhancers..

I have a question for you.. When working the BC muscle performing kegels, I’m curious as whether it’s normal for it favor one side. What I mean is when I am clenching the muscle as instructed, I see the left side of my pelvis flexing outward while I feel like it should only be flexing out.. Or straight? Anyhow, it is not my goal to develop a lop-sided shaft so I was hoping I could get some other input here. Shall I cease with the kegels, or journey onward?

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Your pelvis shouldn’t move at all. Contracting the bulbocavernosus (also called the bulbospongiosus) muscle doesn’t require the movement of other body parts. Perhaps you’re also contracting the gluteus muscles which can make your hips move.

If you get an erection and can consciously make your penis bounce up and down then you’ll know what muscles to contract. Your anus may contract at the same time, but eventually you’ll learn how to limit that and contract only the BC.

Thanks for your reply and welcome.. I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to receive one. I have noticed the flexing of anus muscles and was wondering if this could somehow effect bowel movements over-time?

No, I don’t see how it could.

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