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Batter Up

Batter Up

Hello there. As the title sort of says, I’ve been getting the so called “bat effect” from my PE adventures.

Right now I just do manual exercises. Start with a warmup, stretches and then a jelq session. Now I’ve read into this before I started (among other things) and from what I’d seen suggested stretching would eliminate this problem. However, I have been doing stretches and it’s still happening, woe is me.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice to offer. I’d like to stick to a manual routine for now if possible. I’m planning of going into hanging in the future (months) and I heard that enhances base girth as well if there is nothing manual available.

Also I haven’t really been seeing length gain although I have seen a little bith of girth (about 1/8”). Is this because I’m not stretching hard enough or not doing enough stretches? Right now I’m doing about 10 stretches in all directions. Jelqing, then doing some V stretches and then another round of pulls in all directions. Alright, well thanks in advance!

This thread discusses how pumping can help with base girth.

How long have you been doing an active PE routine?



Pretty close to a month now. Spent just a couple weeks testing different techniques and stuff.

I’d prefer to do it without a pump if at all possible. Prefer to go the cost effective route for now. Thanks for the input though!

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