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Bathmate Theory

Bathmate Theory


Just need too share my story with someone, I’ll try to do it as uncomplicated as possible.

April 2015 I bought the bathmate x40, I used it until end of may (two months). I was not taking it easy with it, I used it 4 times a week and always around 20-30 minutes in hot shower. A couple of times I had it on maybe 30 minutes without a break but mostly 20 minutes.

I did get fluid retention and red spots but I searched and people said it was common and it dissapeared at the end of the day, I usually pumped at 5 pm.

After I stopped using the device I noticed that my erections was a bit spongy but they staid rigid and I thought it was fine, I even think I gained a little bit.

I met a new girl and when we were going to have sex I felt horny but not like before (desensitivity from pumping) and I couldn’t stay hard, when we tried again 20 min later it worked but I wasn’t rock hard and I didnt enjoy the feeling as much as before when I have haid sex.

Months pass and I’m still with this girl and the erections improves most of the time, but they are never rock hard and she riding me is a bit difficult because the erection is a bit spongy and I used to have rockhard erections. Penis would stand straight up and big glans. But it is still good so I don’t complain too much
Suddenly everything changes.

- After a session of sex, I notice a bruise mid shaft one cm in diameter. I don’t think much of it and I think it lasted 2 weeks

- I start getting depressions, really serious. I stay inside alone reading forums about people ruining their dicks with PE and I see my life fade away, I almost can’t eat or move out of bed.

-Then a second depression period starts where I start to believe I have hiv from a sexual encounter with a mtf and start thinking I infected my girlfriend and I freak out. After a week of deep depression I take a test and its negative.

My depression won’t go away so I start taking zoloft, I feel better because even though I still have bad thoughts I don’t panic on them so in that aspect zoloft (sertralin ) helps.

We get to dec/ jan 2016 I’m still depressed because I think about how happy I was with my penis before and now its almost broken I can’t believe it so I start obsessing over it, and I develop what you would call hard flaccid, and I start checking my dick all the time. And when me and my gf are going to have sex I worry and can’t get hard and when I do it fades quickly.
But even when I’m alone masturbating to porn it fades so I start to think I have venous leak or that I have destroyed something on the inside of penis from too much pressure with bathmate. I stopped with zoloft because I didnt want it anymore. And I started eating very healthy and taking supplements. Salad, nuts, fish, omega 3, ginseng, multivitamin, supplements for blood flow and vein repair, I tried creams

Today june 2016 I still suffer poor erection quality and I’m sad every day and thinking of ending it with my gf. I wonder what you guys think. Is psychological ed something that can cause my ed because of my menthal health or is the bathmate at fault. Bathmate made my erections spongyer, I lost a littlle sensitivity and its harder too maintain erection and get really horny like I always was earlier in my life. But its weird that is gradually gotten worse, whats that about?

Sorry about the lenght but I had too get it out, keeping all this to myself is startung to become unbearable. My family friends and gf must wonder why I’m so down and I can’t tell them I broke my dick so I keep everything to myself, its torture for my heart and soul. Loosing my erections and livido takes my spark for life away from me and I fewl lost and all alone. Had I only known all of this before pumping my dick..

Thanks for reading and god bless all of you ( and me)

I read all of that and didn’t see anything about talking to a doctor.

Yeah mate, have you actually spoken to a doctor about your penis… told him what you have been doing with it: that is pumping.

Sounds like you have only been treated for depression.

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I guess I should get checked out by urologists, but I’m too afraid.

A few additional effects I have gotten from pumping is a lot more foreskin but it seems like the skin on the base have been stretched and thats the reason for all the gained foreskin. And it hurts at the base now when I pull. Also my base seems weaker than before pumping.

Another is more veins and spider veins which doesn’t look very aestetically pleasing on the eye, and maybe it hurts function too?

My glans is different, its not as red as it used too be

I experience turtling in addition to hard flaccid. And also my scrotum and testicles hurt sometimes and the scrotum contracts often during the day.

The sooner you see the doctor, the sooner you will know what’s going on. Why delay? You could get a clean bill of penile health. Make sure you tell the doctor exactly what you’ve done.

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The responders to my thread are correct, but it’s just my choice to wait and see if I can turn it around.

I just thought the bathmate was safe, I didnt think the pressure was dangerous for people. How can they make a device thats ruining the male sex organ, it should be illegal.

I’m not sure we can say pumping injured you in any way, it seems that while you used the device you had a bit of fluid build up and red spots (these are very common) , you could still get hard and then a while after you stopped EQ became poor. What else happened in your life, do you continue to exercise ? Any change in your diet? Major stressful events? Do you still take anti depressants drugs? These can mess with your sex life too.

It seems your mind is stuck on your penis response to sex and this in itself can keep good erections at bay for a very long time. I’m not saying it is the main culprit but it may play a part.

A physiotherapist specialised in treating pelvic floor problems may help .

Walter: Thank you for great advice, I mentioned all my major events in the first post and I admit that depression took me to the darkest basement I have ever been.

I have one theory: The case seem to be that I get easily rock hard right away both masturbate and sex, but I think since I have lost sensitivity stimulus doesn’t keep it hard because the brain doesn’t recieve any pleasure signals because I have lost sensitivity. And when that happens I loose the erection, at various degrees. I don’t think its venous leak because with intense porn I sometimes stay hard for so long that it doesnt seem likely, at least I hope thats the case. Also I do have pelvic floor problems, I’m tense and kegel uncontrollably and sometimes there are spasms.

I believe broken nerves is the problem and I wonder is the nerves likely to repair back again?

Also my head contributes negatively because I think about it half the day and when I’m hard I’m thinking about loosing it, but it can’t be just that given all my history and other symptoms.

Oh, how I hope I can get back to normal, this is just ridiculous.

From reading your last post it’s pretty clear to me pelvic floor, bad masturbation habits (porn does give this), state of mind and possibly porn overload are the main culprits.

The good thing is as soon as you decide to get moving in a more positive direction all these things should improve altogether.

You may need to drop the injured nerve bit .

Walter, your posts are very positive yet informative so thank you for that.

One reason I say this is because today have been a optimistic day. I did have a little hard flaccid and tight pelvic but later today it was hanging pretty loose. I also had a pretty hard erection that stayed sooo, I have been worrying a little less the last week, maybe I can start to see some permanent changes and start moving forward again instead of wander in the past.

I will post in this thread again because it has helped me and this have given me optimism.

Cool, maybe pick up some info on how to relax the pelvic floor and give it a try too.

Hei again,

Yeah, I should definately look into pelvic floor relaxation methods. Do you have any tips Walter?

I’m starting to recognise my penis, as it was before the bathmate use, at least I am seeing improvement. I think it is not as spongy as it has been the last year and my glans gets full, I’m not sure if its 100% but its close. And I start to get hard more easily and stay that way.. Example: if I masturbate to porn I can start to loose the erection if I stop or change movie but it is not difficult to get it hard again when I continue, and thats the way it was before bathmate too. Except for times I was really horny then it stayed hard no matter what. I am yet too experience this really since a long time. I just don’t get that horny anymore, it could be sensitivity loss but also my mind. I just don’t hope its nerves or even worse things. I am hopefull.

The extra foreskin is a bit of a problem, I can’t decide if I want it over the glans or under, if its under it is just too much and it looks wrinkled. When its over it sometimes covers the whole glans other times around half, which is annoying too, well well not a big problem but any advice is appreciated!

Another thing, I am satisfied with my lenght, I am looking to add some girth tho. I think girth is fine when I’m very hard and it feels pumped, but when it isnt it feels thinner. What are some safe and responsible girth excercises given that I am in the recovery process and want to take it easy?

I don’t know if the two last topics should be in this injury thread or start a new one, mods can imform me if I have done it wrong.


A message I wrote on pegym to a thread where two guys had also used a pump like me with similiar symptoms :)

I have seen big improvement the last 10 ish days. I may have some good news for you guys. I am starting to believe its psychological. How are your general psychological health, your brain how does it work?

I’m starting to think FEAR is the main culprit, do yoy have a lot of fear builtxup inside lately? Do you think about what yoy did too yourself when you used the pump, do yoy blame yourself for it and feel really bad? Do you fear your own bodily responses towards getring horny, having an erection, and think about loosing it instead of feeling turned on and sexy.

Tell ONE person you trust about what you are struggling with, let go of all fear, feel your mind, body and penis becoming pulsated, stay in the moment and the erection will then become strong!

I have had GOOD erections the last week, I am now hopefull to overcome my struggles and be the happy person that I want to be. It took one year, so its about not loosing faith. I hope this will help you

Cheers man glad to hear you are doing better!

Did you recover from this bathmate side effect and restore your strong spontiouse erection again?

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