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Bathmate advice

Bathmate advice


I have just signed up to Thunder’s Place, because I have been Jelqing for a little while and now I want to step it up with Bathmate product.

First of all I measure NBPEL ~7.15”, BPEL ~7.4” and MEG 5.25”
Mostly I want to improve my girth, but extra length would be appreciated too. So if I can get only girth I’ll be really happy already.
My goal with length improvements is 8”x 6”.
If it goes really well and smooth, the ultimate goal would be 9”x 7”, but not thinking about that right now.

The advice I’m seeking is which bathmate product would be better for my size and my goal? (Hercules/x30 or x40?) I’m asking because I have heard that x30 would be a better choice than x40 because of better suction power, but I’m a bit scared if I will be able to properly use it with my size.

Thank you in advance.



It would be better to avoid a bathmate completely. Though it’s highly promoted, the bathmate lacks a pressure gauge, so it’s hard to repeatedly pump to the same pressure. It also combines the pumping mechanism with the cylinder and ships with a much more limited range of sizes than other options.

You might find it easier to add some squeezes or bends to your jelqing routine, these can be very effective. If you feel you are advanced enough, clamping is another option.

If you are sure your want to go down the pumping route, consider buying a properly sized cylinder like a leluv from ebay or the more expensive thickwall cylinders, then buy a brake bleeder pump from amazon or a local car tools shop. This will allow you to pump in air and water, to consistent pressures.

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Get a real pump with a gauge and start from there. You can order a cylinder that fits your size and be able to accurately asses the pressure your using.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Hey , listen to titleist, I also bought a bathmate without gauge that was not a good decision because you really don’t know how much pressure you are using. When I first started I really pumped by feeling and not a lot because I were afraid of injuring my dick. Now I know how to pump and where my limits are, but I am sure it would be better if I would have a gauge for exact pressure measurements and routines. By the way is here someone who can say me how to make a homemade clamp ? In two months I will start clamping

It’s not really worth making a homemade clamp, they are so cheap to buy. You could use a hose clamp in place of a cable clamp but they are harder to get on and off. You can use anything that creates a safe tourniquet and is easy to adjust and remove.

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Where can I buy that because I live in France ? I were in wallmarket and looked for a clamp but didn’t find it ­čś│

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