Basic Suspensory Ligament leg stretch, and my gains

Been doing PE for a while, and found most of our penis is inside of us below our pelvis, attached to a ligament. What I’ve been doing as an exercise is letting myself get fully erect, warm up all tissues with a rag, and push my cock down and crisscross my legs over it, applying pressure for maybe 45-60 seconds, then releasing for 2 min, warming rag and repeating. Coupling this with a basic shaft stretches(holding base, grabbing skin before glans and pulling down below my pelvis) I have increased length and girth 1.4x.05 inches in a year.

Since I’m cut, the skin gets very tight and I have a slight downward bend an inch from the head pointing down. To relieve the skins stress I warm up the tissue in hot/warm water, dry, then OK Grip(forefinger, thumb in a circle) the shaft about and inch from the base. Then I do the same an inch away from the head. I pull the base hand toward me, and the head hand away, and I feel the skin getting tight and stinging slightly. The skin is sore afterwards, but I apply coconut oil/aloe/tea tree and hot rag and have one rest day. The skin hasn’t lost sensitivity, and feels looser during erections.

Just felt like contributing my very basic length routine. As a side note, I’ve found prolonged abstinence from masturbation to GREATLY increase erection firmness and girth. Last year I abstained for 8.5 months, relapsed and lost .5 inch x .3in LG(winters tough, yo) then quit masturbating again, regained lost ground and still growing weekly/monthly