Baseball shape, tree trunk shape, I have a damn hourglass shape. How did this happen?

Yes, you heard right, instead of being thin on one end and thickening to the other, mine is very much the same except near the glans where it is very thin. This also only happens when I’m in a particular flaccid state. Odd of me to fuss, I know, but it does bother me. I was looking at it today, and I grabbed it to do a manual stretch, when I noticed that the thinnest part of my penis in its hourglass shape is right where I grip my penises for stretches. I know I grip hard, but it’s the only way for me to stretch and I feel it to be effective. Is it even possible for me to squeeze my flaccid penis into submission like this? I also want to hear from other members who may have similar experiences, just so I can sleep more sound at night.