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Baseball effect not from PE, Looking or some input

Baseball effect not from PE, Looking or some input

Hey guys I’m a long time lurker and an on-off PE guy for the past couple of years.

I was not getting any results and I believed it was at least partly due to my erection quality.

I was a porn addict and masturbated every day and at least and up to 5 times a day at my max for the past 8 yrs since I was 17. This got especially bad in my college years where I reached a point where I was only turned on by the most extreme visual stimulation and had no sexual interest in real women at all.

In an effort to get better EQ, I have taken the 90 day nofap challenge from reddit. No porn, no masturbation no anything for 90 days in an effort to get better EQ.
I had to reset my challenge after failing several times before the first 7 days, and eventually made it to 30 days, I am now on my 2nd 30 days and my EQ has drastically improved.

I am finally being turned on by regular women again around me, getting regular wood, and just had 2 wet dreams on 2 consecutive nights.
I feel ready for PE again and I am very happy with my increase in EQ.

Problem: The bottom 1/4 of my penis going all the way into my body is ~3.5 and less while the top half nears 5’.
This is especially a problem with my morning wood, the top half of the penis is too heavy for the lower portion, when lying down my member is just too much for the base and flops to one side.
When sitting up there is a prominent baseball effect with the the left side base being even thinner the right (it usually flops over to the left when lying down)

Question: Any advice on how to even my base out? It gets discouraging sometimes b/c I can’t even preform the normal PE exercises correctly with such a weak base. What are some techniques I can do to strengthen the penis base before I moving on to the normal routines? I know in some of the guides mention keep jelqing as usual and the baseball effect will go away but as of now even when I go as low I can possible go down the base, it does not get as nearly as engorged as the top portions.

Any help will be greatly appreciated it, THX!

You know the answer! Jelq as normal and eventually (and it may take a long time), the baseball effect will diminish.

Don’t forget those kegels. That’s just good advice, maybe not so related to the baseball effect but sure is effective in helping EQ!

Good luck and get out there and get some real women in your life! :)

There is a porn detox thread at thunders if that would help.

Join the challenge! Porn detox!

Baseball Bat shape is normal. Just like Traffic Cone shape is normal.

That being said, I am traffic cone shape, and I have done some “even-ing out” with pumping. I am still traffic coned shaped, it just isn’t as extreme.

The first thing that seemed to thicken up was my base.

I would advice you to stick with one of the newbie routines for at least three months before thinking about adding any devices. In the meantime you can read as much as you can about pumping in the pumping forum. That is what I did.

NEW newbie + advanced routine
Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine


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