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Baseball Bat Syndrome. Edging-Ballooning.

Baseball Bat Syndrome. Edging-Ballooning.

Hi dudes. Yeah I’ve searched the forums for baseball bat syndrome but no luck. I’m here to just briefly ask about how to increase base girth. Mine is mostly even, but I feel that doing Uli’s, head exercises and jelqing will eventually leave my base lacking while making the middle bigger. What is ballooning and edging? Will either of these exercises help? I’m already noticing my member hanging thicker, and slightly longer than usual. I do about 2 30 minute jelq sessions a day, but my stretches are lacking. I don’t’ stretch much because I’m going mostly for girth and only need about .25 to .5 on length. Mm yeah. Any help is wanted!

OH GREAT! I’d be having some pain near my right one for a week now, and I just showered and realized.! Dun duh duh Daaaaaa!! I have a fricken hernia!! Wow thats going to slow PE down lolz.

WOW westla90069, you sure did your research :) That helped me out big time. Thank you!

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