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Baseball bat affect on right hand side

Baseball bat affect on right hand side

Hey guys. I’ve been doing PE just over a month now and I have seen a small girth gain. The gain is mostly top shaft under the head down to the mid shaft. I think I have that baseball bat affect that people have mentioned on this site but I can’t understand why it’s only on the right hand side.

Does anyone have any suggestions why this has happened or how I can fix it? Thanks.

Probably a discrepancy in your grip when Jelqing - I’m currently trying to correct a left curve by using my left hand (underhand grip) and jelqing against the curve. No results so far but I haven’t been doing it long.

More than likely not gonna get the curve corrected unless you did it from PE. I have a slight curve to the left genetically or from my bad “habits” haha. It’s not gone away and I bias all my PE against it. Stretches, side V’s, Jelqs everything and it’s not correcting itself in 3 months.

Omitting the above about the OP try to get your grip constant it may take a bit to get used to but eventually it will even out so don’t really sweat it unless it keeps the one sided growth up and even then just bias your exercises like said, underhand grip with left hand.

Other than that keep on keeping on the growth will be worth it in a few months.

It’s unlikely this is the baseball effect, as this usually refers what happens to clampers. I assume (and hope) you’re not clamping yet.

Jelqing doesn’t or shouldn’t cause a baseball bat effect, which is where the base of the penis becomes less girthy compared to the rest of the shaft/glans.

Generally the entire shaft should grow at a relatively equal rate (glans can be different).

It sounds like you MIGHT actually have an injury causing this asymmetry. Is this size discrepancy present while flaccid or just erect? Is it always there? Does it feel any different to the rest of your shaft? How long has it been there?

Cheers guys.

Tweaking. I can still see a slight different while flaccid. When I pull my skin back I have noticed that the right hand side of my head is a tinny bit longer than my left and the sleft side of the shaft curves slightly outwards to. At first I thought it was because when I did a trial PE course of 2 weeks “before I startd my first routine” and I was only using my right hand. I thought because I e hand that I never got the grip properly and gave my right side a head start if you know what I mean. This has only shown up due to PE. I first noticed after around 3 weeks beging my proper routine…Sex and everything else is fine and my EQ are very good. My girl friend has noticed is to ” slightly stretching her more… I really hope it is not an injury.

any advice would be much appreciated.

I noticeably increased my right CC in relation to my left CC with a poor Jelqing technique. The “baseball bat” effect is a fairly well known symptom of jelqing at lower erection levels I believe.

Sophomoric. Thanks (Y) can you suggest any way to straighten it out at all?

Hmmmm. Looks like I’ve been schooled by Sophomoric ^_^

Well I suppose you could V-jelqs in the appropriate direction.

Or just make sure you jelq evenly with both hands or you could invest in a jelq-assisting device. I think it would even out by itself if you use one since they give perfectly even pressure. I am going to buy one but haven’t managed to get my shit together. There are professional ones made by guys on this and associated sites or a canner or something. There’s plenty of info on this site how to make them.


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