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base is unstable, I repeat, base is unstable


Originally Posted by twatteaser
I think your fear of an unstable base is unfounded, but I do believe it is an aesthetics issue instead. Your mind is playing a trick on you. I don’t think your dick will break off or wobble out of alignment like my car always does. I have heard of people with a difference of as much as 1” between the base to the mid or top. There dicks didn’t break off yet, I am sure of it.

I suggest hanging to help that out. Base girth will plop right on for you.

Yeah I hear ya TT, I don’t think it will fall off but I have noticed that at the base of my penis its softer/bendier when erect than the rest of my penis. I would like the base to be thicker so much so that I am slightly put off girth work because of further baseball batting. I am currently just hanging at the moment, but am new to it. I hope you are right! I would love a base girth plop :)


Originally Posted by twatteaser
What were you hanging with? Do you have a nice enough length? The reason I ask, is most guys don’t do any girth stuff till they hit the length goal or come close to it.

Well my length is around 7.75 or so and I am comfortable with that. However, my 5 inch girth I am not comfortable with. I just want to get to 5.5, then I will go for my length goal. Who knows, maybe I will include some manual stretching in here, but once you hang it sucks to go back to manual.


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