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Base girth

Base girth

My base girth is less than my midshaft girth. This worries me because I feel it might limit my PE experience. Any advice on exercises I should perform?

I’m pretty sure they just added this new cool feature called the search button.. Which is located in the top right hand corner :)

Mine is like that as well. I wouldn’t worry.

Pumping and clamping (and maybe a little hanging) did it for me. Make sure you are conditioned first. Searches will bring up more information.

I have this problem as well. I’ve heard of a Reverse Jelq that could possibly resolve this issue slightly althoguh I’m not too sure how to do it. My impression is you grab about an inch from glans and then Jelq downward towards the base is this correct? I do a couple of these during my routine, maybe 25 max.

Any vets inpit on this reverse jelq and how to do it would be nice! Or if there are any more effective methods for achieving base girth.

Yeah I’ll try reverse jelq, It just kind of feels like I’m pulling the skin off my dick

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