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Base Girth

Base Girth

How would you recommend increasing base girth without hanging?

Clamping? I place the clamp at the base of my shaft, so there’s like the 1 cm of the clamp that doesn’t gain girth, but last I checked that didn’t get much play.

Yes, I’d like an exercise too, that wasn’t clamping. I’ve tried something like a reverse Uli, with moderate expansion, but I doubt it is enough for gain. Though I am doing it quite lightly, as I’m only 6 weeks in.

Originally Posted by biggiesmalls008
How would you recommend increasing base girth without hanging?

What is the current shape of your penis?

With pumping, I initially had greater gains at the base, which over time continued toward the glans as I packed the tube at the base. If your goal was base gains, you could get a tube large enough at the base so that you did not pack it soon, and buy another larger tube if/when you started packing at the base.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

In line with this know there’s the base by the pubic bone, then there’s the part of the unit before that sort of inside and above the ball-bag. Does anyone know how to increase there.

I've been told there a new 'confidence' in my step!!!!

Thanks everyone. I was hoping clamping or pumping would not be the answer, because I don’t feel comfortable with them. I feel ok with manual clamping (with my hand). Any ideas if that would work and how to approach it.

Also any more ideas that do not involve hanging, clamping, or pumping would be appreciated.

I also read about reverse jelqs, but they felt odd and a little painful, so I stopped.

Currently I have a baseball bat, which I am not thrilled about.
5.8-6 mseg
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