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Base Girth

Base Girth

My midshaft girth is 6 in, but my base Girth is only 5.5. Do members think I should increase my base girth. If so, how. So far the only thing I have read to accomplish this is reverse jelqs. Also, some girls I have been with have had trouble with 6 in mid, but I was thinking a larger base might stretch the clit more and feel better. Does this make sense as this is my main motivation.

Also clamping. These are advanced excercises, so make sure you have been doing the newbie routine for a few months before you try them. You don’t want an injury!

Originally Posted by redskins2k9
I was thinking a larger base might stretch the clit more

Stretch the clit?

I could see stimulate the clit, but stretch it? Maybe I’ve been doing things wrong all my life, but is that what you meant?

2007-06-20: Bpl: 6.457, Eg: 5.197, Fl: 3.141, Fg: 4.331

2007-12-06: Bpl: 7.204, Nbp: 6.417, Eg: 5.118, Fl: 3.818, Fg: 4.645

Reiner.yes and no.

The more you stretch out the bottom of the pussy, the tighter the “hood” over the clitoris becomes, touching the clit more and there by stimulating it more.

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