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Base Girth

Base Girth

I’m having trouble gaining girth at the base of my penis, and the base is considerably smaller then the end. Any suggestions?

Base girth is sometimes a side-effect of hanging I hear. Also clamping.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Got all my base girth from hanging. And I got a lot of it. My base girth growth has been by far my most productive PE gain. That is crazy to me seeing how I did not target any growth there at all.

There are already at least two if not more threads on this exact topic.

I’ve heard that you can also gain base girth by manual stretching. I have less base girth then the rest as well. Which I think is caused by jelqing. But the manual stretches haven’t helped much in that department. I’m hoping later in years that clamping will sort out the base girth for me. Try the clamping and hanging routines if your ready to start working on your girth.

19th Feb 2012

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My suggestion is to finish the newbie routine if you haven’t already, and then get into exercises that provide more stretching/traction energy. That can be in the form of prolonged traction via hanging, or a more intense stretching routine with wantsmore’s golf weight stretches. Hanging seems to be well established around here as a base girth stimulator, and the golf weight stretching seems to have a lot of promise in my early dealings with it.

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Does anyone know if clamping behind the balls is better than base clamping to increase base girth?

I have a small base girth, and really wanna thicken that part. But, when I stretch, it seems to me like it thins out the base rather than thicken it. What’s the logic in stretching ?

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