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Base girth,length, lig stretching

Base girth,length, lig stretching

I have a concern that stretching that affects the ligs may reduce erection angle and the firmness with which the base of the penis is “anchored” to the pubic bone. So thus far I’ve stretched in a way that targets the tunica only, holding the ligs in place. I want the belly slapping one o’clock angle and stiff firmness of the erection at the base of even mid teen years to complement size as much as possible. Can anyone shed light on my concerns from their experience? Can base erection firmness and stiffness as well as well as the sharp angle be maintained if the ligs are stretched for base thickness and penile length?

I can only speak for me, but my base erection firmness and stiffness and sharp angle have not been negatively affected at all. I’ve been PE’ing for 5 months and have gained approx 1/2” in BPEL. I stretch at all angles, jelq and have added SD hanging.

Oh, and welcome :)

I dont think you will have a problem. In my case it never changed my erection angle. Well not until lately where I want it to.

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You’ll most likely develop a lower hanging and more fuller looking flaccid, but erection should be fine.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Any other vets, and good gainers, PE kung fu masters who might have viewed the thread? Luvdadus, wadzillla, paragoomba et al?

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