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Base Girth + Kegel question

Base Girth + Kegel question

What exercises work on Base Girth Exclusively?

Also, this is sort of odd. When I kegel repeatedly with a full erection, i lose my erection. From what I’ve been reading on the board, kegeling puts blood into the penis?


Hanging is good for increasing base girth, and so is pumping. Pumping is a little more accessible than hanging but look into both. They have some good equipment at .

As for the kegelling and erection losing, that is quite normal. Keep up the kegeling though, because the benefits come after a few weeks of doing it. Also kegelling while hard is not something you would normally do, but it can be quite interesting to see what happens when you kegel while inside a woman.

I’m looking for exercises that involve no equipment… Strictly hands on :)

I believe manual stretching can increase base girth. Although it may not be as affective as hanging it should get the job done. Basically, the stretching causes your base to beef up to counter the stretches. It is just your bodies natural response I suppose. Some people have tried reverse jelqing as well, but I hear that can cause problems so I would personally stick with manual stretches. Hope this helps!

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