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Base Girth gains with Clamping Question


Originally Posted by man-of-10
Yup you’re right man, I remember the same thread. The guy rapped his upper shaft with rubber resistance band. He got an erection/semi-erection (somehow) and this seriously expanded his lower shaft apparently. He got great base gains as far as I can remember

Isn’t that extremely dangerous as it puts increased pressure on your valves? Kind of like Jelqing backwards?

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^What valves do you speak of? I can’t imagine it would put stress on your unit that are too different from clamping.

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Originally Posted by RbrtTht
Isn’t that extremely dangerous as it puts increased pressure on your valves? Kind of like Jelqing backwards?

People do semi-erect squeezes all the time. Even clamped. It’s not bad as long you’re conditioned for it.

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Maybe if I got a like 70% erection and made an Okay sign at the base working it up to near 100% then squeeze as hard as possible as close in to the base as possible, preferably digging in the fat pad a little. Then with the other hand basically perform a type of Horse 440’s but squeeze as much as the upper shaft and head as possible.

If anyone is going to try that use caution and believe me it’s really hard to squeeze the upper shaft/head when 100% erection so start of gently then after a few minutes or repetitions of this exercise you can put more pressure on.

I’m going to implement this into my routine and see how I get on.

How about placing a clamp on the middle of your penis while semi erect, then continuing to try to get fully erect, the base should theoretically expand with the pressure of the blood trying to get in. I don’t know if that would work though I’ve never tried it.

Pumping has increased my base. I got one of those custom sized ones and I pump until my penis packs the tube. It is very good for girth.

To squeeze down from the upper shaft, do you also need to clamp the base so the blood doesn’t back flow?

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I do BTB clamping exclusively and haven`t experienced any discomfort or damage at all.although I haven`t clamped for any extended period of time and have only gone back to it for the last week since stopping in may.


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