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Banana Curve Question

Banana Curve Question

I have an upward curved penis and it is shaped a lot like a banana. I have been doing the noob routine posted on the site for awhile because of time constraints. I was wondering if you all had any routines for curved penises after I get done with this noob routine? I don’t want to lose my curve either. I jelq with the curve. This is the method of jelqing I have used in my exercises because jelqing against the curve was often not comfortable to do. I was under the impression if I jelq with the curve I won’t lose it. Is this statement correct?

i have an upward curve as well and the normal routine hasn’t changed it at all. Just don’t jelq against it and you’ll be fine

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I think many guys have an upward curve to some extent. I certainly do. If anything, it’s a bit of an asset during man-on-top sex as it can hit that g-spot quite well (you can ask my wife about last night :) ).

As stated, just don’t go hard against it. My curve only appears when I’m close to fully erect, so it’s not an issue when I jelq. For the most part you shouldn’t jelq if you’re fully erect.

I used to have an upward curve, and I liked it very much. I have lost it over time, probably because I have tried just about every form of PE except an extender. I’m sure I’d have kept it if I had just jelqed with the curve.

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I only know of two kinds of people that have lost any curve: Recreationally pumpers that spend hours daily in the tube for many years using a snug tube. Guys that actively jelq agains the curve to try and remove it and invest quite a bit of time in doing so.

And extra special people like firegoat that obsessively experiment with all forms of PE for many years.

You can’t loose your curve overnight. It takes way more work to remove it than it does to get a bigger dong. Just keep an eye on it as you progress in your PE.

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What about us dudes that WANT the curve? Mine kind of curves downward.. Pipe dream or possible?

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No idea. I expect that you would approach it the same as any other curve. Gradually work against the curve to straighten it a bit then start working it to cause an upward curve. Or you could just attempt rotating your penis 180 degrees. (:

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