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Ballzinger - Information for new members

I wouldn’t trust the shakey physics of it, and especially with a 1.5V AAA battery. It’s not necessarily voltage anyway, it’s power you want to think of, because power is voltage x current. An AAA battery would have a lot more juice than the simple galvanic cell caused by the slightly acidic human skin.

Your are right. A battery will just zap your balls, I am too chicken to try and won’t. Any fool…err..volunteer?

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Originally Posted by lonelybb
I have been getting much email asking about the ballzinger. Although I keep sending them directly to this thread, they do not know where to find it. So I will activate this threat out again so that many Newbies can see it better.

Since educating newbies is the goal, I’ll post a link to this thread at MOS to help them think twice before jumping on the ball zinger / ROP bandwagon.

Short history of the ball zinger for those who have never heard of it:

Tom Hubbard introduced a homemade version of the Blakoe ring several years ago. Some here tried it, yet none were very impressed. The zinger was turned out to pasture, left to a peaceful retirement on an old page of Tom’s.

Then a known misfit and troublemaker (Supra is his most popular name) dug it out of the grave, gave it a new name, and hyped the hell out of it on several PE forums. He lied about its effectiveness, goaded others to do the same, and silenced dissenting opinions by removing or editing posts (he was a moderator on those forums). Quite a few of his buddies helped him promote it, though now they are confessing they didn’t actually get any results. I’m sure Supra cleaned up selling Tom’s design at ~$60 a pop.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in making or buying one of these to first do a search here on ball zingers and read. Also check out the above thread at MOS. Then if you’re still wanting to experiment with zapping your scrotum but don’t want to invest more than 2 cents, consider making one out of two pennies.

Hobby, just wanted to say you are my favorite poster. I’ve always enjoyed reading your writings.


Thanks Alice. Your kind words brightened my day. I’ll point to your post next time I ask Thunder for a raise. ;)

I think we have an obligation to point out BS when we see it. A few guys may experience some kind of improvement using a ball zinger. I’m not saying it does absolutely nothing for everyone, or that the few here who say it works for them are lying. However, I’ll bet a cock ring would produce the same results.

The few selling Tom’s design haven’t bothered to experiment, even on themselves, to see if the electric component makes any difference in their “results.” If I thought zingers worked I’d certainly do some testing.

To date, the main discussion has been whether ball zingers are helpful. What about the flip side of that? Are they harmful? Is buzzing your nuts maybe a bad thing in the long run? I don’t know if this applies or not, but it should raise some eyebrows.

A guy in the MOS thread linked above reported his testosterone went down after wearing it. Yes, he actually had it tested before and after. He also felt symptoms of low T develop, so it is unlikely the second test was a fluke. Granted, the zinger may not be responsible. Or it may. Whatever the case, it didn’t maintain his T level, much less increase it as some have advertised.

I’ve seen posts by a few others who believe the zinger had negative health consequences.

Supra claimed the zinger raised his testosterone. I don’t have the post handy, but I remember reading it. When looking at the dates and figures he provided, it appeared to me, contrary to his claims, his T was actually lower after having worn the thing. Either way, whatever he said should be discounted because he isn’t trustworthy. Plus, he was using various drugs at the time.

Yeah the whole “I’m shooting up ***** into my dick” thing by him really turned me off, eventhough his posts in general surely did help seeing into his personality. I do, however, applaud him for serving our country(if that is even true).

BTW, I talked to T, he said a raise was not a problem, he mentioned you might want to try to climb a ladder or tree :)

MOS is smoke and mirrors?

Hey Hobby,
Thanks for your information about the fraud at MOS and elsewhere. I was also posting at MOS months ago, on more realistic claims about the zinger when I got suddenly banned for no reason. No one seemed to know. I always suspected that Supra was the culprit and complained about it, but nothing was done. I believe that most of my postings were deleted because of fear of some competition. I was never re-instated.

Now I read that all his “buddies”, including some high level MODs, are singing the MIA CULPA song and dance after the fact. How low could it get…eh?, specially when Supra is no longer around (probably having a great time in Tahiti with his big bundle of cash) to argue otherwise. It would have been a great spectacle to witness..

Now back to the Ballzinger. I also promoted it, but never bragged about the fantastic results that Supra claimed. I could tell just by the hype that it was mostly BS. I posted exactly the results I was experiencing. I never claimed any high T, permanent growth or even new hair and smoother skin.
I did claim hard wood in the morning, feeling “fuller” balls, larger flaccid hang, and most important of all, better sexual enhanced feeling. Whatever that means to you. If anyone feels better and more confident about his sexual health, whether real or imaginary, it will be already a positive result.

You are wrong to say that it did not work for anyone at all. You just discarded a good number of postings that said it did. I never encouraged anyone to claim any false results, in fact I tried hard to get members to post any result they had, any good or bad experience with the ballzinger. I noticed that 1/2 had positive results in a survey right in this forum. Were they lying?. I don’t know. Will anyone confess now? I trust that they were spontaneous responses to their own experience, not a conspiracy of any kind. Likewise, can you say that PE works for everyone?

I have been wearing the ballzinger for almost seven months now, and must truly say that it works for me. I am a lot happier and confident in my sexual health than I was seven months ago. My balls still feel full and my shaft is strong. My morning wood is still there, and my GF is pretty happy about it. This is all I need to be a happier man.

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Yeah, Supra was bad news for the PE community. He has been banned here under a plethora of usernames.

> I noticed that 1/2 had positive results in a survey right in this forum. Were they lying?<

I wrote, two posts above yours:

Originally Posted by hobby
I’m not saying it does absolutely nothing for everyone, or that the few here who say it works for them are lying. However, I’ll bet a cock ring would produce the same results.

I still wish you’d swap out the zinc rod for copper (use two copper rods) and see what it does for you without the electric component.

Hey Thunder, nice to know that you’re always on the ball…

My user name at MOS was the same: lonelybb. And I even had PM from Supra telling me it was not him, when I didn’t even know it was him…so obvious or stupid?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Hobby, but two copper rods will drive me insane. There must be a less itchy way to get rid of me !!
It seems quite common, from reading other members’ reactions and my own, that continuous exposure to copper oxide causes irritation to the sensitive skin surface of the scrotum. This is why I recommend to alternate wearing the copper and zinc contacts on opposite sides every couple of days. By my own experience, this seems to neutralize the copper residue on the skin.

Although I have no scientific proof, I believe that two zinc rods may react with the few copper ions in my system, and may deplete the normal copper balance in the body. I also wear a passive pure copper bracelet for rheumatic/arthritis pain (so it claims) on my wrist.

So the only option is to wear just the rubber ring, but it should never be tight to be considered a cock ring. I am not the type of person that likes to make changes just for the sake of changes. I truly believe that is something is working, why should I mess with it? But I will consider trying it just to quench Hobby’s appetite.

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WOW!. After following Hobby’s link to the MOS site dealing with Supra and the ROP, I just couldn’t get off the screen until I had read every single posting…it is now 2:55 AM and still recovering from the drama I had just witnessed. Much damage could be done to the credibility of a forum by the action of one man, and the negativity of fewer than eight of them. The benefit of the ballzinger is now on the line. But it fails to change my believe that the ballzinger truly works for many others as well.
If it was true that a couple of hundred members purchased the ROP, and only a very small group is claiming it doesn’t work, why there is not a massive majority backing their claim?
It makes me more determined to test the validity of the claim one way or the other. I will not be promoting the zinger if it didn’t work, and I will protect the reputation of this forum.

I will take Hobby and Thunder’s advice and will make a “blank” ballzinger ring. I will report the results in due time. But I would not like to be the only one.

I still cannot log in MOS, will anyone let DLD know?

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I am very curious how its supposed to be worn.

Just above the balls or just on the rod, or behind the whole package?


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