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Balls Trouble

Balls Trouble

Hi guys,

my balls retract a lot. I even had surgery because of it. I need advice on devices (straps, rings,rubbers, etc) and techniques to help me keep them outside my body. The right one, several years after the surgery, still hurts somewhat and has shrunk noticeably. The doctors tell me that I don’t have to worry about it since the biopsy came fine. But it keeps retracting, so I have to do something about it. Stretching them alleviate the pain, so maybe if a keep them away from the body and -most importantly- the body heat which damages the testicular tissues, I will find a solution to this condition.


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Hi there!

Well if you already had surgery than maybe your problem is serious. Balls have different reasons for rising, but if it hurts than ou really need to discuss it with a specialist, even more so as you say one shinked (not a good sign). What kind of surgery did u have performed on you?

Hanging straight up using a pulley made mine hang lower. Others have noticed this too. Check out the hanging form

Hog - can you tell us what surgery you had? Retracting testicles are normal. Some guys have very strong cremaster muscles and their balls tend to stay close to the body. As we age, the cremaster muscle tends to weaken and most older guys have lower hanging testicles.

The cremaster muscle is part of the spermatic cord and helps control testicular temperature by raising and lowering the testes based on outside temperature. It is also the muscle involved in the cremasteric reflex which is a protective mechanism. If the inner upper thigh is stroked or touched with a pin, the testicle on that side will elevate away from the “danger.” The cremasteric reflex is very strong in boys, but tends to be reduced after adolescence.

Trying to defeat the cremaster muscle is difficult and may cause you more problems that it’s worth. If you’re having pain when that testicle is retracted, your surgeon should be consulted. Even if your biopsy was “fine” you still have a smaller testicle on that side which could indicate some compromise of the circulation probably due to the surgery. Perhaps a visit to another physician would be appropriate.

Thank you King, Veg and Westla,
Please excuse me for replying to you all in one post but I think it is justifiable.

You’re all right but the so called specialists (urologists) already did their job. Westla is right on the spot. I need to keep my balls away from my body. The procedure was a surgical “cleaning” of the epidydimus which was bruised due to my strong cremasteric reflex. Also they corrected a mild hidroceles caused by the same condition. Then they tied both balls to my scrotum and closed the teticular conduct a bit more. The origin of the persisting pain, which was greatly reduced by the surgery, is the epidydimus and the cause -again- is traumatic (the cremasteric reflex pulling up the balls). The reason the right one hurts the most is that it is pulled the most, too. All my life it hanged higher.

To compound the problem I’m quite obese, i weight 265 lbs. in a 5’8” frame. I exercise a lot and have already lost 87lbs in the last couple of years, but still have to lose about 60 more pounds. The result is that the testicles retract into the fat in the pubic area.

So, reading through Thunder’s I reason that maybe a ball strap, ring, etc. to keep my balls away from the body heat, which is my main concern, might be of help. At least I’d like to give a try. Along my life I have learn that conventional medicine also has its limits. So why not give PE techniques a try? Westla didn’t mention it but I’m sure he knows that high temperature (body temperature) is a common cause of testicular cancer. The reason balls hang is because they have to stay 1 degree below body temperature in order to function properly and preserve tissular and celular health. The small shinkage of my right testicle (from about 1.5” to 1.3”) might be caused by increased temperature, is my suspicion.

I’ll follow your advice and consult an especialist one more time.
Again I want to thank you all guys for taking the time to repply. It is a delicate issue for me, as you may already know.

This kind of surgery (stabilizing testicles inside the scrotum is called orchiopexy). I have the same problem, my left testicle is retracting (about half the times during ejaculation) It started when I was about 15 a few days after an injury I had playing soccer. Though I didn’t have any size change it still hangs higher that the right one - until then it was the opposite. My doctor also found a small hydrocele. It doesn’t cause me pain and the blood flow is normal. I don’t know if I’ll do the operation he recommended yet. Does anyone know if there is some kind of physiotherapy to relax the cremasteric muscles?

Hog7.5, just a stab in the dark, but shrinkage of a testicle can be caused by a varicocele, or varicose vein in the scrotum. Are the veins on that side of your scrotum enlarged at all? The veins are typically described as feeling like a ‘bag of worms’ in the case of a varicocele. In some cases this can cause a dull ache, or a dragging sensation.
I hope that may be of some help to you!

Just so you know, during sex, my testicles always retract into my ‘fat pad’. It’s really frustrating, because it’s a bit odd, and doesn’t happen to my partner. He just thinks it’s funny, so it doesn’t bother me too much!

Good luck Hog7.5! :D

Sometimes I’ll get “blueballs” where the testicle is pulled up high and causes venous congestion…aches like I’ve been kicked in the nuts! This is compounded by a varicocele on that side, they may be an interrelated problem.

What I find gives me relief is to take a thera-p wrist wrap and wrap the scrotum between the testicles and the base of the penis. What this does is pull them gently away from the body and allows everything to relax and the cogestion then resolves itself.

I don’t know if the magnets are part of the effect or not. When it happens, I just want relief, and I reach for has worked well for me in the past.

The other thing is to get into a hot bath and soak…this is also helpful.

I am using simple rings available from fleet farm to help my scrotum and testicles hang lower. The idea is based on but take a read through A Question for Cyberstud25 (re: low balls)

We use rings from fleet farm and a sock to hold it all on. This could be a simple and cheap solution for you. Just take it slow and if there is any pain stop.

Good Luck

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In my own experience, stretching the ball sack is way easier than enlarging the penis.

I used to have a tighter-than-average scrotum, which made my package seem smaller than it was. (I have normal-sized gonads.) When I got into PE, I searched on Thunder’s and saw a lot of posts talking about stretching the balls in various ways. Out of all I read, I found two best ways in my experience are:

1. Tugging on your sack everytime you use the bathroom
2. Ball Pumping a couple times a week (for up to an hour, 2 sets of 30 minutes)

It think it is safe to says that I now have an average to above average hang to my nuts, and it is all because of the above easy-to-do regimen.
PS: When I pump my cock, I always wear a ball strap, too. A little ball play helps me stay hard in the pump, and no doubt stretches the scrotum, too.

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