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Balls That Swing


Medium sized balls have the greatest appeal to me. Of course, if you’re hung like a horse then giant-sized balls might be a perfect match. You have to admit that balls swinging and slapping during intercourse is an awesome sensation (and one that I look forward to experiencing even more). I’m not sure about stimulating of the clit in doggie style intercourse, but surely the “sensation” of slapping balls during intercourse is a turn-on for both. Like I have said, I am not looking for balls that drag the floor, just “balls that swing.” Like WESTLA, I think that a low hanging sac makes for a fine overall appeal.

Balls. Just saying it is hilarious.

Immaturity aside, I love my low hanging balls. They are big and my sack hangs low.

A blessing and a curse, the best part of having a nice pair of low hangers; it naturally adds more to the bulge when wearing the right type of jeans or cargo pants, fun to get looks or watch where people’s eyes drift.

On the flip side, it really sucks when you are wearing a pair of basketball shorts on a hot, sweaty summer day and constantly having to shift it around and pull the sack up before you sit down, otherwise you end up with the painful experience of sitting on your nuts.

If you do want them to hang a little more so they “swing” start wearing a ball stretcher. Very comfortable, made of leather, has a metal button to snap it closed. You progress over time and move up to the next size. If should not hurt when you wear it.

Lower-hanging balls gives an overall “larger package” look. Maybe that is what I am seeking. Or maybe it is just the awesome feeling of “swinging balls” between my legs that makes me feel more “manly” throughout the day.

It makes sense to me that testicular and scrotum health is a part of the overall male PE process. There have been MANY reads of this thread so I think that I am not alone on this. There have been FEWER comments which makes me wonder if I am overly obsessed with this aspect of PE.

First of all, the reason that our nuts don’t hang even is because when they do, they tend to clang into each other which is totally unpleasant. Second of all, while a low set has it’s advantages, it also has several disadvantages as well. High riders are less likely to be hit, you’re less likely to sit on them, and they won’t get crazy old-man-sag.

I’ve done a little to get my balls to hang lower, but ultimately I wagered it wasn’t worth the effort and possible serious damage that I could inflict. Also, most girls I spoke to said they liked medium sized ones best. Good luck either way though man, and don’t second-guess your desires - people do a lot crazier shit in this world than tug on their nuts.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


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