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Balls that move into my bottemtummy..


Balls that move into my bottemtummy..

Another newb question..

This is something very weird (I think)

I sometimes have the problem that one of my balls moves out of its sack INSIDE my bottom tummy.
This only happens couple of times a year and only when I’m erect.

It doesn’t hurt very bad, but the psychological effect hurts me.
I’ve had this when I was having sex once, and felt it immediately.

Then I HAD to stop and press with my hand om my bottemtummy so it moves back in its sack again,
because else I thought something bad was gonna happen.
(I think I had a mate when I was about 8 years years old that got hospitalised for this)

Anyone else has experience with this?

Is there a solution? (operation)
(doubt if I would dare to let do an operation.. but still)

I have the same problem. Unfortunately I do not have a solution either.

Same here, rarely during sex and only when I’m about blow. When I’m edging I can feel its trying to go into into that area as well. It’s not painful but it is uncomfortable. When I was ball stretching with the rings this rarely happened.

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It is natural for your whole scrotum to contract when you are sexually aroused and ready to shoot a load.

Also it is natural to feel an aching when you have been sexually aroused for a long period of time. This condition is commonly known as “lover’s nuts”

But the condition you are describing seems like it should have some medical attention.

I am curious about this because I think body temperature has a whole lot to do with how we hang. Take your temperature when this occurs and see if it is at or above or below normal.

I think pre-adolescent boys have their testicles retracted, then they drop when puberty starts. When I was little I could slam myself on my bike’s top bar from jumping off a ramp and wouldn’t feel any pain.


I have never had this happen to me

This is something very weird (I think)

No, it’s normal for some guys.

It doesn't hurt very bad, but the psychological effect hurts me.


I think I had a mate when I was about 8 years years old that got hospitalised for this)

There is the condition BiffyStiffy mentioned, undescended testicle. You don’t have that.

Anyone else has experience with this?

Many do.

Is there a solution? (operation)
(doubt if I would dare to let do an operation.. but still)

No. It’s normal. Stop worrying.

This used to happen to me when I was a young boy. I also had one undescended testicle which had to be surgically corrected. Once I went through puberty, the testicle retraction stopped.


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I get this too, only on a cold day when I have have a really hard erection and only after I’ve cum. Its just because the scrotum has contracted too far for your testicles to fit there. Put your dick in a hot wrap for five minutes and you shouldn’t have the problem for a while.

In theory PE should help to fix this just through general skin stretching but I’m not sure. I don’t really see it as a problem because it happens after Iv’e finished.

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Same here. It only happens rarely when the room is a little chilly, and only when I am lying on my back. Weird! I used to worry about it, but now I kind of know the feelings I get before the testicle starts to move up north, and I stop its progress by pushing down slightly.

I thought I was the only one!

As everyone else has said, I think this is natural. I remember reading a long time ago about how the optimal temperature for sperm is a bit below the normal 98.6 degrees that the human body is. The scrotum acts as a type of temperature regulator to make sure your balls stay at a relatively constant temperature. That explains why your ball hang low after you’ve been in a hot tub, or contract after you’ve been in the pool (damned shrinkage!).

Yep, used to happen to me much more than it does now. Like Z28 wrote, it seldom happens any more post ball stretching.

When it happened a lot I would follow the crease of where my leg joins my torso to pop it back out. If I folded my little finger over the back of my hand and just slid down that crease the next two fingers would hit my retracted nut dead on every time and do the job with a minimum of feeling weird.

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I get this sometimes but it causes no discomfort. Sometimes it looks like i dont have any balls :) but they come back once ive cum, it doesn’t happen all the time. Ive also seen it happen to porn stars so it cant be a bad thing.

Everytime I would jerk off it would happen to me, depending on how hard I stroke.

I’ve seen it in porn before… some guys’ balls retract so much it looks like there is just the dick when they are hard.

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