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Balls that move into my bottemtummy..


I know that some kung-fu masters can retract there balls when ever there want,
so they are protected in a fight, and form what I’m heard its some thing that has to be trained at a young age before the space in the belly grows to tight.

So its just a natural way to protect the balls from getting hurt.

ow okeej, thx for the replies guys.

Now I have seen I’m not the only one, I can stop worrying :)

Some guys just don’t hang very far. In one sense, it can be a blessing since they are not bunched up free floating. My sack always stays high. But my testicles are also smaller. Beacuse of a condition known as hypogonadism, I take injectable testosterone once every two weeks to supplement my lack there of. I can actually feel them click around the tendons when I stretch which in turn makes me want to back off a little.
Maybe one of the senior members can provide a link for ball stretches.

Good luck :)

This has happened to me several times since starting PE for some reason, I did put a similar post up a while back. The sensation scared me. I thought I had done some serious damage. I couldn’t bring myself to cum for several days afterwards in fact. I have got used to it now though, It doesn’t bother me at all.

What does bother me though, is why this has only ever happened since starting PE.


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1) click on search in upper right corner of Thunders window.

2) type in “ball stretching” in the search box.

3) click on “search now.”

4) scroll down to posts with names like: “ball stretching”, “ball hanging”, “A Question for Cyberstud25 (re: low balls) “

Other threads floating around I expect;but, the three listed above I remember as being quite good. BBS’s “a question for Cyberstud” should be required reading on the subject.

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