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Ballooning question.

Ballooning question.

When ballooning for head size, Would it be better to balloon, clamp, and let it stay all day?

Also, usually how long does it take before the noob jelq shaft pains go away?

You shouldn’t be in any pain from doing jelqs. I would get slightly sore when I just started PE a month ago. Are you doing erect jelqs?

In answer to your first question, ballooning is a form of edging, so I don’t see how you could stay ballooned all day. As far as clamping goes, you don’t want to stay clamped for more than 10-15 minutes at time. From the sound of it, though, you should probably hold off on clamping altogether until you’ve gained some more experience.

I have experience with PE. I did it for about a month and gained a decent amount. Now I’m starting again. I am doing the jelqs with partial erection, Nowhere near 100% though. I have had to work up to the 70 daily jelqs I’m at now because of blood vessel healing. Now I am at the point where the spots and popped vessels have disappeared. I get this pain about mid shaft and it starts about half way through each session. Nothing unbearable, is it something to worry about or is it typical for someone starting out?

Your injury is typical if you over did PE. I would give it a rest a few more weeks.

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It’s not an injury, It’s a slight pain about mid shaft that is caused from jelqs. Only have the pain while jelqing. After that it’s fine.

You shouldn’t have pain at all. You say it only hurts while you jelq, I think you are sqeezing too hard. At least that’s what it sounds like.

I have to ask and (before “use the search button” comes up),
I have looked and can’t find anything that explains what is Ballooning.

So please what is Ballooning???

A type of masturbation that helps you gain control over ejaculation.

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Thanks kingole

Originally Posted by Neville

Thanks kingole

Your welcome would you like instructions?

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Originally Posted by Neville
So please what is Ballooning??

Here is a HUGE thread on Ballooning.

Ballooning Gains!

But Kingpole’s instructions are pretty damn clear. You ought to ask him to share them, because I could use a review!

Yes, the young grasshoppa has nailed the ballooning concept.

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it sure sounds like you are overdoing things. Stay off PE for a few weeks, and then go for the Newbie Routine until you’ve gotten to know your penis a little better, like on first-name basis or so ;)

regards, mgus

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