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Ball stretching=bigger balls?

Ball stretching=bigger balls?

Hey guys. A while back I was reading a thread about someone wanting bigger balls. One of the guys said that he had stretched his balls and that had led to not only lower, but larger balls. He said that they had started at about 1.5” and were now over 2”. I can’t seem to find that thread again, but it may have been one of those posts where things had wandered away from the original thread topic. Who knows? Anyway, my question is: Has anyone else experienced having his balls actually get bigger because of stretching them?

Search button (top right of every page) = “balls bigger stretching”. This will get you about 40 thread titles to look at which may help you find it. Unless the guy who posted the thread you’re thinking of sees this and responds, searching is the only way to find it. Now it comes down to who has the greater desire to find the answer: you or some other member. Someone will have to do that search and read those titles. :)

Yes, Westla, how right you are. I found the thread I was looking for. It was MDC who said his balls had gotten bigger (from 1.5”-1.6” to 2”-2.3”). I’m still wondering of this is a typical occurrence, although I guess I’ll find out soon enough! Thanks for the (rather obvious) suggestion (which I should have been able to figure out on my own)! Ah, those pesky newbies!

How to increase ball size?

Originally Posted by Ganymede
… Has anyone else experienced having his balls actually get bigger because of stretching them?


I don’t believe the actual size of my balls has increased from stretching the sac over the years, but I will say that visually the balls look much larger because my sac hangs much more loosely downward away from the groin especially when warm.


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I am surprised that some one hasn’t developed an electric heater for ones nuts. Peforeal is mentioning the fact that his bag hangs lower when it is warm. He lives in HAWAII !!!!

When I get out there in the morning to clean the snow off the truck it is not unusual for it to be -10°F. My boys are heading for my armpits, using the inside route, on mornings like that. This is were we get the expression, “Freeze your balls off” :D

But since I have been scrotum stretching and cuddling them at night they do come down quicker and hang lower.

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