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Ball Stretching Basics


Speaking of “ball stretching”, I have a question related to doing it by pumping. Has anyone pumped there balls for this effect? (Not to get a 2 hour ballooned sack, but to gradually stretch the scrotum.)

I have been pumping my penis for just over a week (as of today), and a couple days I have pumped my balls too. They are fairly tight and snug by their nature, and I want low hangers.

That said, what I REALLY want are girth gains in my penis. The balls are purely secondary. So here is my question:

Q. Do you think pumping my balls will interfere with gains to be had in pumping my penis?

I do NOT use a two stage pump; I pump my penis almost everyday alone. Then, if I feel up to it later on, I pump my ball sack. But I am thinking, possibly the lymph/blood that is getting sucked into my balls might be getting sucked from my previously-pumped-penis (toungue twister!), thereby dminishing the gains I am primarily after!

Any comments are appreciated…

Commander Blop
PS: I do not mean to hijack this thread. I did a search and this was the most recent/relevant thread I found, and I cannot start my own due to lack of priveledges….

Hi. I am new to the forum but have been stretching my balls for the last five years.
I started by pumping in a two stage cylinder, always used warm water in the cylinder (about half full) it seems to avoid bloating of the ball sack. I decided that I wanted low hanging balls rather than the grapefruit effect. However I suspect that pumping as big as possible now and then, helps with stretching the scrotal skin to give more room for lowering the balls. The max size that I got to was 16.1/5” around the sack.

I then decided to try the steel rings thing from pumptoys, I didn’t really get on with it because the rubber ring seat at the bottom tended to make my ball sack go numb and become thickened. Got up to 12 rings though.

I then went on to split collars and seemed to make good progress, eventually wearing 3.1/4” - 3lb.all day and 5.1/2” - over 4lb in the evening. Sometimes 5.1/2” plus 4 of the steel rings from the pumptoys thing, making 6.1/5”

I seem to have got stuck at this stretch so have started to pump with a 12” x 2.3/4” cylinder for length. I try to alternate the pumping and wearing weights. Wearing weights is more difficult in the winter due to the temperature, so am concentrating on the pumping with the long cylinder for the winter.

Incidentaly, I always put the steel weights in warm water before fitting and also hang my balls in a jug of warm water before putting the warm weights on. The weights hold the heat for some time.
Also, I was recomended to use cocoa butter to aid stretching so have included that as part of my routine. Massage it into the skin twice daily. Got the split collars from

This is a great site, lots of info, maybe get into PE now.


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