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Ball stretching and PE

Ball stretching and PE

Anybody have experience with this? I have been ball stretching with a leather stretcher for a few months and have been amazed by my results and how good it feels.

I usually put my stretcher on after PE for the rest of the day. I then kegel for the next several hours. The stretcher does put some mild pressure on my penis, constricting it only a little, not effecting any function or anything. Does anybody know if this would affect my gains at all for PE? If anything it may prevent a slight amount of blood from escaping

I tug downward on my ball sack while doing jelq’s, it does hang lower. I don’t do jelq for length or girth. Rather I do it for blood circulation. In my opinion a set of relatively low hanging balls makes the entire package look better. We know when you turkey neck the balls want to set up forward in the shaft taking away from the apparent view of length in the shaft.

Is your balls hanging much lower now? And after how long? I think I need to get into this.

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Yeah they hang much lower. There is nothing like the feeling of your balls swinging against your leg. I have been at it for about 4 months. I started out using a 3/4” stretcher and now I use 3 of those. I work in law enforcement so I use the leather belt snap keepers that one uses on his duty belt. Right now, my balls bottom out the crotch of my pants so they have to hang down one leg.

Without the stretcher, they still shrink up when cold, bit the skin is all wrinkled so it looks like 1 big ball.when they are warm without the stretcher, they hang nice and low and loose. They look animalistic.

But.. did you use manual stretching???

That is awesome bro. I am going to try to find that piece you mention that you are using. :)

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Yes I actually started with manual stretching in the shower. I noticed almost immediate results from manual stretching, so I wanted really dive in.

If you just search the internet for duty belt keepers you will find them. They are exactly the same thing as marketed ball stretchers, but cheaper. They are about $2 each and have 2 snaps on them.

A couple of sites you can check are and

neededgirth I just got my DUTY BELT KEEPER from Quartermaster .com 2.99 with free shipping. I think if I groom my stuff it will feel better . Thanks again got any more tips..

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Thanks friend you have been most helpful!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG


I just bought a 1 inch leather ball stretcher a few days ago and i finally figured out how to wear it without one of my balls pulling back in. It’s a different feeling having that constant stretch on the balls. I can’t help but to worry about keeping them on too long. Are there any signs and symptoms you look for when wearing yours that let you know when you should take it off? I want to keep them on as long as possible but I am not about to cause any damage there. I appreciate any imput you or others may have.

I’ve been doing like a third of my jelqing from behind the balls (BTB). I don’t neccesarily want them to hang any lower than when I get out of a hot tub and they hang loose. I’m hoping my left one will start hanging in line with the right one as it is about 1-1/2” higher at all times. When they ride high the left one is tight to my dick. I’ll give it a few months as I really like doing this and if it helps I’ll be that much more the merrier! :) Last resort I’ll have to try the stretchers like next year.

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I too am interested in ball stretching. My sack always sits very high and somewhat diminishes the appearance of my penis (in terms of size). I’m considering wearing one along with my Vacextender throughout the day.

Are results permanent? If so, how long would it take to see good gains?

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