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Ball Stretcher For Turkey Neck

Ball Stretcher For Turkey Neck

I’m looking to buy a ball stretcher to wear while stretching upward to stretch underside shaft skin and eliminate my turkey neck. I’m looking for opinions on what kind of stretcher would be best for this purpose. I’m thinking I want one that I can attach weight to, but I’m not sure about what material would be best and where to order from. Also, is there a hardware store alternative or is it safer to buy one made for ball stretching?

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Google Jarod Johansen and ball stretching. He has written a guide to the subject. I have been ball stretching for a few months now with steel weights (called split ring weights) that you can attach and wear them 24 hours per day if you like. I love the feeling of my balls feeling heavy as I walk around and my wife enjoys how it is easy to pull and suck on them during sex. It has also helped to stretch out some of the ligaments and skin around the base of my dick and I think it has helped somewhat with PE.

I first started out with some metal rings you can get from the hardware store, they are 1.5 inches in diameter and you slip one ball through and then the other one. Bit tricky and not nearly as good feeling as the split weights. I have also tried leather stretchers but again prefer the weights.

The best place I have found to get weights at reasonable prices is at an online jewelry store called The Chain Gang.

There is also an online forum dedicated to balls and stretching called Rantallion

I don’t see anything called “split ring” weights on chain gang, but I want something I can hang weight off of instead of a low-weight all-day device. They have leather ones on their site that you can attach weight to, but they only come in a $73 kit with 6 of them.

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Sorry I replied before I read your whole post. If you just want a leather stretcher with a ring to hang weights, I have found those on ebay, good quality hand made and only about 10 bucks. Let me know if you can’t find it, it is sometimes tough to find the adult items on ebay.

But I still recommend the metal weights, you can put them on and forget about them and they stretch without any time or effort, I.e. While you sleep at night.

Here is another cheap alternative available at your local hardware store, it is called a “screw pin anchor shackle” and it is available with the metal fasteners section. I recommend a size with a diameter around 1.5 inches


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