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Ball hanging

Ball hanging

Does anyone have any experience with successfully getting there nuts to hang lower?

Any suggested methods or devices?



I’ve read up on this and it seems as though any effects are temporary. I’ve used ball weights and this seems to be the case. I ordered mine from While I’d love to have low hanging balls, I’m going to concentrate on PE instead.

People have had success with it as far as I know. Folks do manual stretching and also use special stretching rings worn through the day. Then there are also supplements some people have had success with (to increase testicle size).

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Why would you want lower hanging balls? That just seems really odd to me. I can understand wanting a bigger penis (‘cuz I want one), but lower balls just seem like they’d be a pain. Literally so if they’re more vulnerable!

I think they are just riding a little too high.

I just want them to drop about .75 inch, not sway to and fro. Lol

I got tight wraped balls… I grab them enough to rearrange!! lol

Use the search button, top right of every page, and look for “ball stretching.” Look for titles that interest you. You should find about a dozen on this subject among the 100 or so that come up.

I know of such an appliance, I’ve never used one myself though. I’ll post a link, here, hope it’s ok, so don’t flame me. Now, this website is a little *ahem* spicy, shall we say? It’s a leather/sex toy shop, and, uhh… well I’ll just let it speak for itself. I have no affiliation with them. Just a satisfied customer. :D I have visited their store in San Francisco, and have mail ordered from them with no problems. They have one guy that does nothing but handle the mail order, no question over the phone is too ‘silly’ or ‘embarassing.’ It’s mostly oriented toward ‘guys products’ in the leather/fetish scene, but occasionally you run across something that can be used for *other* purposes, like this. I believe they have a store for female toys too, there’s probably a link to it on the homepage. They have some interesting cock rings and weights, too.…=Find&item=CB12


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Thanks electron!

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