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Bad news from the doctor

Originally Posted by usyd84

On enlarging the penis ” not possible as there is a fibrous sheath that encapsulates all the material we are trying to stretch strengthen and enlarge. This fibrous sheath can not be stretched or changed and is they only determinant for erection size. However jelqing and pumping my increase the penis’ ability to hold blood which would result in a firmer not larger penis”

If that is true, than there is something seriously wrong with my dick ‘cause it ain’t cooperating with your doctor’s knowledge.

Well, I know I’ve gained .5 inch of girth and that when I take 3 months off, I still am at the same size. so I will say it’s working for me at least. If that makes my penis a freak abnormality with some kind of messed up tunica… oh well, I may as well take advantage of it.

Scientific expereriment here. Screw that doctor’s wife reallly good. PE for one year. Screw that doctor’s wife again and then ask the doctor to go through why you can’t enlarge your penis. That should work since it will give you two independent opinions.

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