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bad circumcision, what are my options?

bad circumcision, what are my options?

I just started posting today so I figured I was on a roll and would run this one by everyone. I just wrote this email to Dr. Harold Reed to try to get some info, even though I am going to the doctor in a few weeks I have been impatient to find out what is wrong (and if anyone knows anything about this doctor please chime in, I am in florida and would make the trek to miami to see an expert after my first experience). here is the email:

I was circumcised due to phimosis and the job was not done very well. The scar is uneven and sloppy and I believe some kind of subcutaneous layer of tissue was not cut and it is bunched up under the skin since it is longer than the skin on top of it. I thought at first it was swelling due to surgery but it obviously isnt 18 months later (I am still on my parents insurance and due to some financial problems I have not had insurance since then nor the means to pay out of pocket). It gets sore, looks weird, and can cause discomfort. Have you dealt with this before? I am looking to get it fixed and have the scar look less sloppy and I feel going back to the same surgeon is the wrong idea. Let me know what yo uthink. Thanks.

I know some of you are MDs here so I thought I would ask.

And another thing - is this malpractice? I am not looking to make a quick buck but rather would greatly appreciate an arrangement where I wouldnt have to shell out for things that should have been done right the first time.


I think it’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on with your dick without any pictures. If you decide to post pictures this thread will be moved to the member pics forum.

Is Dr Reed a plastic surgeon?

If someone operated on you dick and screwed it up then get it fixed. Write down everything as you go through the process. Go to the orginial doctor and tell him that you are very unsatisfied and that you want him to recommend and pay for a second opinion. Tell him you are dissatified and just want things right so that a lawyer will not have to be involved.

If you must get a lawyer than do so but see what the doctor saids. If you have to sue, I am sure you won’t have a problem finding a lawyer who will take the case.

Yeah I realize its not easy to describe whats going on here. I just thought if it was something common maybe someone could fill me in, or at least some idea of what my rights are from the MDs.

Dr. Reed is associated with the Reed Center, which, according to, “specializes in penis enlargement surgeries, including penis lengthening and penis girth enhancement.” Im sure a few people here have heard of him.They work with circumcision, peyronie’s disease, vasectomy, and foreskin restoration stuff as well, but as interested as I am in finding someone who has, say, lots of dick experience, I am not about to pick a doctor becuse of his web site.

anyways, thanks for the response all.

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