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Don’t really know here to post this, so I’ll post it here.

I remembered the forum, and kinda missed my old palls over here. Hit me up if you wanna chat. You guys know who you are.

I don’t PE anymore for a long time. I let go of “what matters to women”. I’m sick of this “nice guys syndrome” of needing to be good enough for women, as opposed to what they really want…aka being accepted into your world that’s full of adventure and fun ( and because it’s your world… it’s unpredictable and spontaneous…exactly the qualities women are looking for in men. And because you have your own life, and you are like you want to be… you don’t seek approval and you don’t really need her in a needy way…she just joins into the fun.

Most of you guys have 7 inch cocks and worry about your penis… while some guy with a 4 incher is having enormous fun in life….going to parties, living his live AS HE WANTS IT… follows his passions… is constantly on an adventure…and women join in the fun…cause it’s magnetically attractive. Women want to be taken out of their boring existance….they don’t want an insecure Joe with a big rod asking her “Am I good enough for you?” Women hate nice guys… and that’s what some of your are becoming. They hate them cause they care too much what they think. That’s not being a man. A man knows who he is and what he stands for. Most of us are average anyway… and I see guys with schlongs worrying… “will she think it’s small?”. Let that stuff go. Are you living to live your life or to please women like a puppy? I’m not talking about sexual pleasing…that can be done with a normal penis also. I’m talking about “what more can your humble servant do for you, honey?”

Why would you want your woman to feel pain? Isn’t sex a mutually enjoyable shared experience that’s supposed to be fun not torture. You know…women want to be part of your life…but if being part of your life sucks… they leave. At least that’s my current understanding now. Maybe DiamondWinds has a different opinion.

The most inspiring story here on Thunder’s was the story in Invisible’s thread… “the natural” ‘s post…about some guy being a natural seducer with a 4 incher…and having 3 times more sex then the guy with a dick that was twice as big. That story was life changing.

Farewell, if anyone of the old mates wanna say hello, I’ll recheck the forum tomorrow for PMs.


You bring up some good points.


Good post.

I have to admit, I kind of struggled at the beginning when I was considering PE, wether I should do it or not. It was a struggle between full acceptance and non acceptance. When I finally did decide, it felt asif I sold my soul to the devil.

You do make some good points.

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys on this board have average or larger than average starting stats. I sometimes wonder what led them to seek out PE. Regardless of the reason, they did. I also wonder how many people are doing it for themselves and how many are doing it for women.

I know I fall into the small category regarding girth. Until it directly affected me it was always something that was in the back of my mind. Then when it became an issue that caused me actual grief, I decided to see if there was something I could do about it. I don’t want it to be a deal breaker again.

Excellent post iDare!

This is excellent advice IMO, but I really can’t say for sure because I have hardly any experience. For so long I was depressed, I tryed to be nice to women and what not, never got anywhere.

For the past few weeks I simply stopped caring as much, try not to worry, be more positive, I am indifferent in what people think, I don’t do what pleases them, I do whatever I want. I havent had much time or opportunities to expound upon this concept, but it seems to be working. I’m pretty sure I girl likes me at work haha, hardly did anything. They all seem to be talking to me more too.

This is wonderful advice!

Now as far as who am I trying to make my dick bigger for? Women, and although this contradicts what I typed in the previous paragraph, it is connected so much to my confidence when it gets down to that.

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iDare your wisdom is appreciated. I was reading about Porfirio Rubirosa some time ago. It was interesting to learn that it was not his legendary endowment that drew to him scores of wealthy and beautiful women.

Having a naturally large penis may bring confidence to a few men. Most men with 7 inch plus penises would still be the same guy, living the same boring existence, regardless of if they had a 5 inch penis or 9 inch (okay, 9 is stretching things a bit).

Point is Porfirio lived a life of adventure! He raced Ferraris, flew planes, and it is alleged that he was a secret agent of some sort (think James Bond before James Bond).

He could not stand being bored, he was always pushing excitement to the limit. This sense of adventure attracted wealthy wives, hollywood actresses, models, and all sorts of pretty ladies to his bed.

Yes, he had an awfully large penis that made him larger than life. The world would not know his name had it not been for his storied sexual exploits. However, Porfirio had a raw passion for life that allowed him to experience more in one lifetime than one could fit into a blockbuster movie. Before he tragically died in one of his Ferraris he put it all on the line and held nothing back.

I read nothing of him being ‘a nice guy’. He was well spoken and a classic gentleman but his motives were always to make his own life more exciting.

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For more on what I said, check out Zan Perrion’s stuff.

Originally Posted by iDare

I’m not talking about sexual pleasing…that can be done with a normal penis also. I’m talking about “what more can your humble servant do for you, honey?”

You are right. I go on marriage forums where many men live like that and can’t understand why it does not pay off. In fact, the worse their marriage gets, the more they try to compensate by being nicer. However, I think what really works best is balance. If you can temper firmness with kindness you can have a really swell time.

I'm fed up of having a signature!

All good points, iDare, only I think it is inaccurate to portray everyone here as insecure and desperate to please. Lots of guys are here because they think having a somewhat bigger dick will be more fun for them, not because they are especially insecure now.

Would you view people who go to fitness clubs the same way? I personally see nothing unhealthy about trying to have a better functioning and better looking body. Some of us can become a little obsessed, and that’s not good, but as long as fitness and PE are part of a balanced diet of activities, I think it’s all good.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Co-sign what MM said.


The most successful people in the world are men and women

who continually strive to improve themselves and the people around them.

Never quit learning.healthy mind and body go together.

We who continually strive to improve do it in stages .

If we feel we have a weakness in one area say it be body we strive to improve it

with exercise and food.

If we see a weakness in mind in a area we strive to improve our mind trough

stimulation of thought ,education reading and better nutrition.

Trying to improve oneself is not a weakness it is a strength.

I have never thought of myself as inadequate but high end of average is not a obsession.

It is and improvement Average intelligence is o.k. .

But never ever thought of learning and striving to be better at something as a weakness.

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I agree this is an excellent post everyone should read. I think I am definitely the nice guy that gets burned every time. And as I’m getting burned I keep reminding the girl how nice I’ve been which makes it worse. It is much better to be exciting and unpredictable. I wish I could be a little more like the guy who is unpredictable and acts like he has a big penis. Girls probably think it’s bigger when you act like that anyway.

However,I do like to do PE because I think it keeps your unit functioning well and I think it just feels better for you and your partner when there’s more friction and surface area. I also know that for me I would be a lot more confident and unpredictable if I had an undeniably big unit. I admire the studly guy with the 4 incher but I don’t know that I personally could pull that off.

Hi e211,

Not that I want to pick on you personally, but I hope you don’t mind my using your post to make a few points.

Originally Posted by e211
I wish I could be a little more like the guy who is unpredictable and acts like he has a big penis. Girls probably think it’s bigger when you act like that anyway.

What do you mean by “acts like he has a big penis?” Do you mean that he walks funny? How does one who has a big penis act? I have two close friends with ginormous penises. One of them is a very reserved, dignified guy who never drank in college (we had to make a special outing to get him drunk). He married his first girlfriend, who is a very smart and sweet woman, but who is not especially attractive by any means. He’s an excellent guy with quirky interests who is not at all “cocky.”

The other guy, who is ginormous times 2, was courageous in the sense that he knew he would never be ridiculed on account of his dick. He took chances with attractive women but was generally very “square.” He’s a very smart guy who married his college sweetheart and is now a dedicated family man. By most accounts, he is a “nerd.”

Originally Posted by e211
I also know that for me I would be a lot more confident and unpredictable if I had an undeniably big unit. I admire the studly guy with the 4 incher but I don’t know that I personally could pull that off.

Maybe you would be more confident, but maybe you would be more inhibited. I can tell you that I personally sometimes feel confused. One downside to having a big dick is that you’re statistically weird. You’re not like most guys. There’s no predicting how you will actually feel if you’re ever in that position. I’m still working out my feelings about it, and sometimes I feel like I’m having an identity crisis.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Also, I don’t think girls think “it’s bigger” when a guy acts confident. I just think they think the guy is confident. They’re attracted to the confidence, and would be happy with whatever dick the guy has.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Confidence is knowing who you are at such a deep level, that you don’t care what others people think. You can’t possibly care. Let’s say you like being fat… if you like being fat…and some dude calls you fat…you’ll be like “yeah, dude, I know ;-)”. Let’s say you’re working on it… if you’re working on it , and some dude calls you fat…you will also give a rats…cause you’re getting that stuff fixed.
Confident people do what they want, the have this center of gravity… like the world is theirs and others are visitors. They never doubt themselves. They never think “uh, will these people like me, am I good enough for them?” They never do that. They give sincere authentic compliments because they appreciate people and consider them worthy of them. They have a certain charm…of making people feel equal to them…and never feel the need to neither impress nor put others down to get validation. They are self validated. How do they get there? They know who they are and what they stand for. They know their passions, their sexual identity. They know a woman is only a part of their lives…and they don’t make her their life’s purpose and adventure.

Live your life for you, find your passions, have integrity (do what has meaning to you, think for yourself, do what’s real for you not what you think others would find appropriate), take care of yourself…and forget trying to be what you think women want you to be, be what you wanna be.

Sometimes I look at my dick in the mirror and wish it was bigger… (must be all the porn)…but hey, I have one life to live, and tomorrow’s a festival and I’m having fun, regardless of wether I do or do not have women in my life.

Confidence can come from purpose. Confidence can come from positive experiences, from sexual competence, from self acceptance.

Women want a leader. How can you lead when you’re a suplicative nice guy asking her what she wants all the time. That’s not a leader, that’s a servant.

“Women don’t want to be the adventure, they wanna be taken on an adventure.”

ModestoMan, what do you think?

Are there actually guys that are ok in the penis/looks/purpose(doing what they are passionate) and still being nice guys? or is the just an effect of penile insecurity or looks insecurity or being poor?

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