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I’m no great expert on “what women want.” I’d venture a guess that there’s a great deal of variety, which breaks down by educational background, age, income, and ethnicity.

I think that one nearly universal trait, however, is that women are all about other women. Whether it’s their mothers or their friends, they will generally only pick a guy if they think other women will approve. Ideally, the man should raise the woman’s status among her female friends and especially with her mother. What actually goes on in private and in the bedroom is not initially as important as the status payoff she’s hoping to get. Over time, intimacy becomes very important, but I think intimacy only enters the scene after the status requirements are met.

Confidence is a signal of high status. Many women are drawn to it because they want the status. Once a relationship gets going, however, that same confidence can become a problem (he might have a roving eye, or simply not be that interested in her). That’s when relationship skills, kindness, courtesy, ethical behavior, and overall “niceness,” really become valuable.

To get a woman interested, impress her with your status. To keep her interested, practice good relationship skills.

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How about being yourself…and putting yourself into the interaction without worrying if you’re the kind of man she wants. That’s what badboys and jerks do. A jerk will go to her and be like “I’m broke, ugly and fat… and not appologising for it”. How about being that 1 in 1000 guy who doesn’t need to impress her but he’s just curious about her…to see if he’s the kind of girl he wants? How about not putting women on a pedestal and not qualifying to her. How about not trying to give her a good life as a provider? How about living your life for yourself and your purpose…and she being just a part of your life, that you adore but you don’t live to please a woman. Did the great men in history lived to please women?

Men who had great success with women …all of them… had some adventure in life, something that wasn’t her. Picasso was a painter. Painting was more important to him than women. Sinatra was a musician. Casanova was many things. Voltaire was a philosopher.

“Women want to be part of something bigger than them.”

A friend of mine told me once… “Women want men who don’t care what women want.”… His girlfriend told him “Trying to be attractive is unattractive, not caring is.” This actually frees you…frees you of trying to please women like a nice puppy, frees you of what people think, cause you have integrity and know what you would and wouldn’t do… frees you of following sexual rules… and actually unleashes the wild masculine and purposeful man from your inside. No more “how can I make women like me.” Now it’s “what kind of woman do I want to have in my life?”

Confidence is actually the lack of insecurity.When you like yourself, and fully accept yourself, and know who you are, you are confident. You know what you would and wouldn’t do.

How many times have you heard of the proverbial high status guy that his wife cheats on? He’s the nice guy with money. Everything in his life revolves around being good enough for women. He has a job he hates but hey…he has to be good enough for the woman. He’s like “how can I keep her?”

Meanwhile my neighbor is unemployed, his wife is mega hot and actually supporting HIM financially. He’s following his passion, music, and although he doesn’t get paid well yet, he’s doing what he wants. He never seeks her approval and always does what he wants and considers ok.

being nice to women is not the same thing as being a wo

I believe you’re right MM, women ARE different. Some will seek a deep connection, others don’t wanna work and will find some dude to support them in exchange for sex… others will just want a good looking guy to show off. Some women are smart, some women are dumb as fuck.(no offense, but especially in America. I’ve seen some interviews and I felt ashamed for some club girls. “What’s world trade center?”)

About showing off, hey… some women are validated and independent enough to not care what her friends think. I know good looking girls with average looking guys…and they are really into him.

badboys are out of the social matrix. they just go after what they want. that’s my goal. Chasing women and trying to be good enough for them and trying to make them like me like I’m a piece of shit and they’re queens of the world is neither productive nor fun. Nor is getting a hot girl to get validation from the other guys. You gotta self validate yourself, and actually have the kind of people around that support your lifestyle and are fun to hang out with. Why waste time with some boring arrogant girl just because she’s socially hot? This is how I want my like to look like.

I have no problem with what you’re saying, iDare, and I think you’re generally on target. However, I also think that most guys who are totally into themselves and don’t actively pursue women end up being by themselves. I used to work in high tech. I know lots of smart, interesting guys who are totally into what they’re doing and are excited about it. But they also tend to be alone unless they make a concerted effort to meet and attract women.

I think your remark about women cheating on high status guys might be confusing high income with high status. High status guys are not slaves to their employers or to their families. They are not pussies; they are in charge. Sure, I know some wimpy, whiney doctors who make buckets of money but deep down are momma’s boys looking for approval. I don’t consider those guys to be especially high status.

I’ve recently been reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It’s an oldie but a goodie with lots of great tips for success in both business and pleasure. According to Dale Carnegie, the primary ingredient for success with people, be they male or female, is the show a genuine, sincere interest in them.

If you’re interested in other people and show them you appreciate them, they will be interested in you and they will like you.

I think a lot of the guys you’re thinking about who seem to have women falling off of them with virtually no effort are guys who know how to pay attention to women and give them the sincere appreciation that they desire. A guy who can convey to a woman that he sincerely likes her without diminishing himself in the process will usually get her to like him back.

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I understand this thread, but after reading it all I can think back upon it is someone saying “you you you”. Maybe you had your experience but its wrong to assume what others are here for. I find PE a good hobby, and a way I can please MYSELF, my wife loves my penis the way it is but is that stopping me? You may be holding women too high up on a pedestal, I think of it as you get what you get on the woman’s side, if she doesn’t like me having a big or small penis well too bad its not hers to begin with.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Would you view people who go to fitness clubs the same way? I personally see nothing unhealthy about trying to have a better functioning and better looking body. Some of us can become a little obsessed, and that’s not good, but as long as fitness and PE are part of a balanced diet of activities, I think it’s all good.

That’s exactly what I thought reading the OP.

I’ll add another thing; I’m someway average, but I won’t obsess in becoming large. If I can achieve something, good. In the meanwhile, I appreciate the positive effects upon erection quality and control.

I haven’t been on the forums very long, but I can agree on some of what you’ve said. Having a huge member will not solve many of your problems.

I’ve been registered to the forums for awhile, but only until a few weeks ago did I start to actually do the exercises. I wasn’t sure if this was what I really wanted to do, so I spent a lot of time thinking about it. Obviously there is some lack of confidence in me to want to have more length. I just wanted to make sure I’m doing this for myself, and not someone else. I’ve been with my girlfriend for over 5 years, so I’m not looking to meet any one else. Hopefully this will benefit both of us down the road.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m always trying to “better” myself. I now look at doing PE the same way I look at going to the gym. I put a lot of effort into my own personal health by going to the gym on a regular basis, and eating well. So I don’t see anything wrong with doing PE as long as I’m realistic with what it will actually do for me.

I used to think I was below average - for years.

After joining thunders I realised I was smack bang in the middle of average. Now I’m at the higher end of average (7ebp x5.5 ish). One of the things that stopped me doing PE when I first heard about it was that I thought it might damage my cock. After reading a lot, and I mean a lot of threads on here, I realised that PE is actually good for the dick if you do it moderately. So part of my gains were just from better EQ.

So I will admit that I spent many years being slightly embarrassed about my size, even though I had a good sex life with my long standing wife. Being a grower, I hated being in a locker room situation. For me, flaccid gains have only just started to come through, but I’m less and less concerned about who sees my dick and what they think - I know it’s big, and that’s all that matters.

Like a lot of people, I gave a donation to the site once I got over half an inch in EL gains - seemed rude not to :)

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Nice discussion, guys.

All I wanted with this discussion was to help some guys get out of the pattern of trying to be good enough for women/her… feeling inadequate and shit. Women want a guy who leads her (not in a bossy way, but a leader), a strong, confident man and a lover… not an insecure boy with a big rod who’s angry cause it’s not huge.

The lamest thing I seen some of you post is …making a woman tell you size matters and stuff like that when she states she’s content with your size. It’s like putting a knife to her neck and making her sign the divorce papers…and then “DAMN, I knew she didn’t like me!” Others take sex like it’s masturbating her with a dildo.

Just had some flashbacks of reading posts. Many of you guys rock! All of you who shared their knowledge with me, thank you.

Originally Posted by iDare
Women want a guy who leads her (not in a bossy way, but a leader), a strong, confident man and a lover…

Maybe my situation is unusual, but my wife doesn’t want me to “lead her.” She just wants me to be her partner. She’s in charge of some things; I’m in charge of some things. We like it that way.

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Ok guys…. my only reason of return was to start this thread. It was really nice to read your opinions. ModestoMan, I really enjoyed our little “debate”. All best wishes to all TP members, may it bring you the gains you want if you really want them… and may you have awesome connections.

Iulian (iDare)

(will occasionally revisit the forum, especially The Dive…)


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