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Back :)

Back :)

Hello, I’m an older member of this community though I’ve not posted that much. It was a long time ago I visited this lovely place but now I’m back.

I’m trying to increase my girth at the moment. I started off with 25x2 jelqs with each hand so that makes it a hundred. I rest two days a week.
Now I’ve increased the number of jelqs I’m doing so now I’m doing 25x2 with each hand on the morning and evening (200 a day) and two days rest at the end of week. I guess my questions are, should I combine morning and evening exercises into one? Should I rest more?

I’ve read the guide(s) though I am still a bit uncertain wether I’ve started off correctly or not.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :) .

No size fits all - rule applies.

Try slowly increasing volume until you get some negative PI, then back off slowly until they subside, keep that intensity/volume for a while, rinse, repeat. Throw in deconditioning break once in a while.

Thanks a lot guys :) . Reading the link you just gave me iamaru, I thought something was missing! :) .

I’ve always thought about kegels. I recently read up on body building and they do a similar technique with their muscles to make them grow as much as possible (with a loss of strength of course). I’ve not done kegels at all but I will make sure I will do them now :) .

I was just curious about hot wrapping, I rarely injure my penis (only time I do it is if I get erection in the middle of the exercise and still continue), will hot wrapping help the growth in any way?

I’ve also noticed I don’t do any stretches at all, maybe I should start doing them :S. But I recall reading something about length and girth battles against eachother so if you want largest possible gain in girth for example I shouldn’t do stretching at all? Or maybe I remember it wrong? :) .

Once again, thanks a lot for the link you provided iamaru :) .

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