Back to PE, Need advice please

I’ve been doing PE on and off for many years now. Stopped 2 years ago because of an injury I’d sustained. Was using an extender device and caused a thrombosed vein. I ignored advice to let it heal and kept having sex and masturbating, though I stopped PE. And now I’m pretty sure it did not heal properly. Whenever I jelq, a small vein near my glans puffs up like a small pressurized balloon. I am wondering if this is simply because I’ve enlarged the vein due to the pressure that had built up during the thrombosed vein or if I’ve permanently damaged myself and am unable to do PE forever, which would be terrible as I’ve not achieved my goals. Has anyone else experienced this? I am also wanting to get into clamping because girth is my main focus right now. Clamping would put extreme pressure on this vein and I don’t want to cause any serious damage. Also wondering if my penis is conditioned enough to skip past the beginner routine since I’ve done it many times in the past. Advice?

7'' BPEL

6.25'' NBPEL

4.5'' EG