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Back on PE...

Back on PE...

I Joined this forum in early 2009.. havent been on since

Never really committed to any routine, just a little jelq and stretch here and there..
i noticed i put in my sig in 09 that my BPEL was 5.4”
i measured yesterday over 2 years later.. 5.7”
I am still young (almost 20) and was curious whether its a PE gain or I’m just still growing,

I haven’t been on here in AGES… and do you think i could remember my user name and password? nope,
luckily there’s a little password reset link which asks for an email address, i only had to put in all 5 to see which one i registered with and here i am posting this thread :)

Anyway back on it,
I’m keen to get back into a decent routine that i will stick to because lately my EQ has been to put it frankly Shit, i struggle to even get an erection with a naked girl around, even with stimulation is ‘hard* *scratches out’ difficult to get an erection without receiving head, and without that i struggle, even during sex i find it hard to control my ejaculations and some of the time i just go dead limp halfway through, this situation brought me back to this site.
I’ve realised that i masturbate too frequently and watch porn too frequently as well, so I’m going to go cold turkey on them for at least 3 weeks
(Going to be be difficult)

Ive been doing a kegel exercise routine for the past 3 days

10 seconds tense 10 second rest X3
5 seconds tense 5 second rest X10
30second tense 30 second rest X3

i find that this is a decent workout.

Now i just need motivation for a routine that ill stick to.
Hi to everyone again :)

|| Joined 18/1/09. || Started first real routine 28/7/11 || Current BPEL: 16.1 cm. 6.33" ||

|| Short Term Goal: "Be Consistent" || Long Term: "Cure Premature Ejaculation" ||

|| My Journey :-pulse:

Welcome back to the forums New B.

Sorry to hear about your EQ issues. Are you in shape? Eat healthily? Don’t booze excessively? Smoke? Stress? Etc.? These all can have huge impacts on your EQ. Not saying that cutting down on excessive masturbation and an over-indulgence in porn isn’t a bad starting point though! But try and get everything on track and you can rule out things if you haven’t noticed an improvement.

As for PE or age related growth… who knows? I wouldn’t bet against the two being factors. If you get a consistent routine… who knows how quickly you could get to your goals.

Motivation? Just see some gains or improved EQ and know it’s PE induced… all of a sudden… you’ll be an addict!

In Shape? Yes, regular intense cardio/circuit a week,
Eat Healthily? i try my best, i don’t have fatty microwavable meals and chocolate ice cream every meal, i eat as much fruit veg as i can…etc, i would say yes
Booze excessively?…. um as I’m young, i don’t touch it on weekdays maybe the occasional beer, but i usually binge on the weekends pretty much every 2nd weekend.
smoke? No

As far as the drinking is concerned, i have had pretty embarrassing experiences at the end of a night out from it, but i wouldn’t have thought it would make me suffer in the EQ department throughout. KEGEL KEGEL KEGEL for now…

Motivation: planning on writing up a document of a routine so i can stick and refer to that, rather than just doing this that and whatever, which i have done over the past 2 years…

Always better times ahead.

|| Joined 18/1/09. || Started first real routine 28/7/11 || Current BPEL: 16.1 cm. 6.33" ||

|| Short Term Goal: "Be Consistent" || Long Term: "Cure Premature Ejaculation" ||

|| My Journey :-pulse:

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